Inside 'Neecee's' World

Walking into Dence Johnson"s home, it probably doesn"t come as a surprise that her world revolves around color. As owner of neecee"s, a downtown clothing store for women known for its stylish and colorful clothing, it"s safe to say her home reflects those characteristics as well.

"I’m a color person,” laughs Denice Johnson, leading the way through the front door of her vibrantly decorated home. The bright pink, teal and gray-colored top she’s wearing readily reflects her easy going personality. Walking across the tile-covered foyer into the living room, it’s apparent that this woman not only loves color, she lives in full color.

“I can’t be in a neutral color box,” admits “We are about color,” she says, referring to the retail store, yet, fittingly summing up her personal life as well.


“Denice’s home reminds me of her business,” says Tif Davidson-Blades, designer and owner of Davidson Home Furnishings & Design. “The colors are bold and big. When I see these colors I say, ‘Yep! That’s Denice.’”

With the bold colors of a peacock defining this energetic businesswoman, it was clear to Tif what she needed to do to help Denice obtain the certain style she was looking for in redecorating her home.

Denice and her husband, Marc, pastor of Hope Church, built their present home just over eight years ago. This is the second home they’ve had built by Jeff Junkert Construction during their 36 years of marriage. “When we built it,” mentions Denice, “we painted everything a latte color and put in a latte carpet. Then we got caught up in life.”

It was after buying a neutral sectional for the living room this past year that Denice realized that the latte walls best online casino needed to disappear. Connie Charette of Fauxnique Paint and Décor came to the rescue. The pale walls were soon bathed in warmth.

There’s everything to love about this place. The exterior blends flawlessly into the manicured and fairly new neighborhood of Rimrock West subdivision. Marc tends to the flora while Denice lays claim to the stunning interior which boasts a bounty of individuality.


The sun-kissed sitting area brings a theatrical pop of color to the heart of the home. A classic farm table, big enough to accommodate the couple’s five grown children and their three grandchildren, complements the large open kitchen. Situated in front of a cozy fireplace reminiscent of traditional family gatherings, the table fills the room with ambiance.


Helping light up the rest of the highly functional kitchen are cheerful globes of color splashes atop the cabinetry. Over the sink the Johnson motto hangs, ‘Together – a great place to be.’

“This is not your stuffy traditional home in any way,” acknowledges Tif. “Denice’s home follows along with what we call new traditional. It all works together. There’s upholstery and frames but not the skirted sofa and brass lamps. It’s fun, relaxed and livable.”


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