Meet Sara Nelson

Owner of IV Nutrition

Q. Tell us about your background and your experience in this field?

A. After graduating from Colorado State University College of Business, I started my career working for a natural medicine doctor in Fort Collins, CO. I have dealt with many health problems for the majority of my adult life and it wasn’t until finding natural medicine and IV therapy that I finally started to see a change in my health. It was my direct path to the road to healing. I learned there was a strong need for an alternative therapy to help the Billings community not only feel their best now, but also moving forward, by means of preventative medicine.  Because of my personal experience, helping others achieve their health goals with IV nutrient therapy is a true passion of mine.


A. IV nutrient therapy works on a foundational level to support the body’s innate self-regenerating and healing abilities. This means that no matter what your health goals are, IV nutrient therapy can support optimal health balance and regeneration in your body. Through intravenous infusions and intramuscular injections, we are able to deliver vital nutrients, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and fluids directly to the body’s cells, ensuring 100% absorption. IV therapy is a uniquely safe, powerful and potent therapy to help your body heal and regenerate, so you can feel better faster. With dietary, lifestyle, and supplement support, many of these changes can happen but on a much slower timeline. IV nutrient therapy allows your body to make changes immediately.


Upon entering the clinic, you are greeted by our friendly staff, who will direct you to a comfortable reclined chair and explain the IV therapy process. Once your vitals have been taken and you have had a consultation with one of our nurses, we will start your IV service whereby your body receives nutritional support on a foundational level, ensuring it gets the nutrients it needs and uses to regenerate cells and repair tissue. This is your time to lay back, relax and unplug with a cozy blanket and some refreshments. Our nurses will come by every 15 minutes to ensure you are comfortable and when service is completed, they will disconnect your IV and let you know what to expect

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