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 ⟩ Kassia Lyman built a career on lifting up others at the YMCA. What many don't know is that at one point in her life, she had to lift herself up -- in a big way. Check out her inspiring story! 

⟩ Dallas Knight is a force for good. She learned what she was made of while serving on the front lines in Iraq. 20 years later, she’s using her intelligence skills to fight human traffickers. 

 ⟩ What keeps you young? Trying new things! At least that’s what Karen Grosz thinks. Join her as she does everything from e-biking through Vale to trying her hand at welding. Her column is a must read! 

 ⟩ Update your closet with our 2024 Trend Report! 

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We are incredibly blessed to have a talented team of editors, contributors, photographers, and salespeople. With each new issue, we're proud to give you those untold stories centered around our community. Flip the pages and you'll find everything from fashion and health news to human-interest stories and inspiring pieces that revolve around your home. Thanks to a recent reader survey, we are proud to say that more than 60,000 women (along with a lot of men) read each issue of YVW. 

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