Back to Nature

Home design trends are taking on an earthy vibe

Is your home décor ready for a refresh? If you need a little design inspiration, there’s been quite the shift in style over the past year. We tapped into the design expertise of those within the industry and trust us, you’ll want to jot down some of their ideas if a renovation is in your future.


Say hello to warm colors and golden-toned woods and fabrics. The gray and all-white interiors have faded into the sunset.

“The all-white kitchens that have been so prominent are trending to creamer or greige color and bringing in a gold metal finish in the lighting, plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware as a warmer accent,” says Jennie Kolk of Jennie Kolk Design.

If you made the investment in an all-white kitchen, Jennie says there are ways to keep it current.

“With white kitchens, you are seeing more clients wanting to bring in a wood accent in a mid or light color as a different island cabinet finish or vent hood, shelving or even the flooring choice,” she says.

Even though there’s a trend toward warm tones, that doesn’t mean those who love color have to sacrifice. “Saturated colors are making a comeback, especially greens and peach,” Jennie says. And those colors are playing out in cabinetry, bathtubs, sinks and tile.

If you love a pop of texture, you’ll be happy to know that reeded or fluted surfaces are all the rage in glass lighting fixtures, cabinet doors and even wood accents.

“They give a design nod back to the mid-century design trend that has been so popular the last few years and give another option for accent materials instead of shiplap,” Jennie says.


If the heart of the home is the kitchen, the pulse in this space is, once again, earth tones, lighter woods and multi-function kitchen islands for today’s modern family.

Stephen Wylie with Rimrock Cabinet Co. says rift white oak is a popular wood choice because of its light and airy feel. Homeowners are then accenting it with shades of green or muted blues.

When it comes to cabinet design, look for clean lines without a lot of detail. Flat doors with hidden hardware are trending, along with open shelving for a touch of personality.

The backsplash has often been thought of the “bling” in a kitchen, a place where a homeowner can let their own unique tastes shine through to create an eye-catching look.

“With a large variety of tile choices, it’s my experience that folks can put some of their own flair into their kitchen and make it their own,” Stephen says. “It sure adds to every kitchen.”

The good news is that bold colors, geometric patterns and tiles with tons of texture are all trending, meaning the sky’s the limit when it comes to choices.


Marianne and Troy Kale, owners of Magic City Granite, love watching people walk around their showroom in search of the perfect slab of granite. The look customers are gravitating toward today is a cream base and gold or brown tones.

For a contemporary look, Marianne says some are putting their granite slabs in the spotlight.

“We’ve installed bars, islands and master vanities that have been backlit,” she says. The look adds a subtle glow to a room. “There was one house that backlit their entire kitchen.” She says the evolution of lighting has made this look more affordable than ever.

The Kales are also seeing homeowners move away from a traditional 4-inch backsplash and carrying the countertop all the way up to the base of the upper cabinets creating a bold and solid surface wall.

“This gives the kitchen a polished look,” Marianne says. “Many people refer to it as wall art.”

And gold is king when it comes to veining in granite.

“People want to see gold accents in their countertop material to match their cabinet pulls and lighting fixtures,” Marianne says. “With some of the quartz products, the colors in the pattern or veining are very intentional, which allows the colors to have a gold or metallic appearance.”

A few years ago, waterfall counters came into a trendy focus. That hasn’t changed. They are still popular, especially with islands. An emerging trend, Marianne says, is a change in the granite’s edge.

“We seem to be doing more miter-drop edges on countertops, which makes the stone appear thicker,” she says.  


For years, homeowners have been adding wine or beverage refrigerators to their kitchens or entertaining spaces. The trend today, however, is dedicated spaces for coffee, wine or spirits.  

“I think people want a clutter-free kitchen,” says Erin McCall of Mcall Homes. Gone are the days when small appliances all had their space on the counter. They are being moved to spaces inside cabinetry, in dedicated beverage centers or butler style pantries.

If you have only a small space, Erin says, you can get a little creative.

“This could consist of a small table that hosts a coffee pot and tea kettle with mugs hanging,” she says, adding that you could also use an existing piece of furniture like a hutch to pull this look off. 

Recently, Erin’s daughter, Abby, who is also a designer with McCall Homes, helped a homeowner carve out space in their pantry, adding electrical outlets for not only a microwave but a coffee station, a place for smoothies, a beverage fridge and ice machine.

“Because you could see the pantry from the beautiful arched opening in the kitchen, matching wood cabinetry and quartz was an important part of the design,” Abby says. “This homeowner wanted the functionality of all these components but didn’t necessarily want to see it in the main part of the kitchen.”


If the trend in lighting had a name, it might just be “The Midas Touch.” While black finishes are still popular and timeless, a touch of gold is gaining momentum.

“Adding the touch of gold elevates the look and feel of a space,” says Lauri Patterson, owner of One Source Lighting. “Mixed metals and even mixed styles are definitely a trend right now, and I think it’s a trend that is here to stay.”

When you’re refreshing the look of your lighting, Lauri says, never underestimate how you will use that fixture, and make sure it casts enough light.

“With so many advancements in LED technology and the discontinuation of incandescent, our clients have more choices than ever,” she says. “Lighting affects everything.” That’s why Lauri often asks her clients about the paint or cabinet colors in a room before a purchase is made so she knows how those things will eventually absorb the light.  

A plus to a lighting upgrade, Lauri says, is the fact that it is a relatively affordable way to add some pizazz to a room.

“Changing out your light fixtures can very simply change the look and feel of your space,” she says. “Remember, lighting is the jewelry for your home.”


Stepping into a master bath is, for some, a great escape. If you want this space to scream serenity, Stephen Wylie of Rimrock Cabinet Co. says there’s been a movement toward vanities that look more like furniture pieces or floating vanities.

Quartz is still the top pick with undermount sinks. If you don’t have a budget for solid surface, Stephen says you can integrate an undermount sink with a laminate surface. It will look like a solid surface without the solid surface price tag.

Another trend he’s seen is one that’s rather sensible — a trend toward aging in place.

“Removing doors and curbs in a shower allows homeowners big advantages,” he says. “First, you don’t have to clean those old glass doors and secondly, removing the curb allows for older folks who may use a wheelchair or a walker easy access.”

Other homeowners are opting to remove old soaker tubs and replace the space with a larger shower with multiple shower heads, linear drains and even seated areas.


Even though many design trends are pointing to an earthy feel, floors are not. In fact, many people are pairing subdued cabinets and furniture with a bold print of tile or flooring. And, they are turning to laminate to do it for its ease of care.

“Laminate is making a huge come back,” says Kriss Miller of Rich’s Modern Flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring is now taking a back seat. “Laminate has a very durable surface making it scratch resistant. All of the new laminate is water resistant and so much more affordable.” 

Kriss says look for bold patterns in shades of blue or deep green or designs with champagne gold finishes.


 If you’re looking for the latest styles in furniture, it’s all about curves.

“Curved sofas or conversational sofas and barrel chairs have been around for years,” says Summer Montez of Timesquare Furniture. “In the more recent years, I have seen more new and unique curved desks, coffee tables, end tables, dining tables and dining chairs.”

And just as some are mixing metals, she says another trend is to mix woods. Matching tones are a thing of the past, she says.

If you want a pop of personality, you’re in luck. Summer says bold accents and statement pieces are all the rage. So is using furniture strategically to create a separation between spaces.

“Using furniture like sofa bar tables to divide a room has been trendy,” Summer says. The result is defining areas in many of today’s open concept homes.

If you are hoping to make small changes with a big impact, Summer has advice for you.

“When a customer wants change in small doses, I would advise them to change accent pieces like pillows, rugs and lamps,” Summer says. If you’re up for a little more change, Summer says, take it slow and “simply tackle one room at a time.”


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