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Good. Better. Best

Designing with All Budgets In Mind 

Beyond the Box 

After ten years helping people navigate kitchen and bath remodels or plans for new construction, Kristy Ferguson, owner of Beyond the Box, has learned a thing or two about people’s comfort with a project’s budget.

“We all have champagne taste and not to say we all have a beer budget, but generally, whatever that number is that we want to spend, we tend to pick things 25% above that number,” Kristy says.

What that means is, unless you dial in your design desires, you might get your heart set on options you might not be able to afford.

That’s why at Beyond the Box, Kristy has adopted what she calls the ‘Good, Better, Best’ approach. It basically answers the age-old question, “How much will this cost me?”

With a diverse product line, a customer’s inspiration photos, existing pictures of their space, and initial measurements, Kristy and her design team offer a spreadsheet with three tiers of options to consider.

With all that information in hand, she says, “We tell our customers, if you go with a middle of the road cabinet, you’re going to be in one price. If you go with the most inexpensive cabinet, you’re going to be at this price and if you want to have all of your desires in a ‘mother of pearl’ kitchen, you’re going to probably be above this price.” She says the result is a lack of sticker shock for the customer and more comfort with the overall investment.

“When we sit down and we work through the spreadsheet with somebody, it helps them understand how we got to those numbers before they’ve spent a whole lot of time and before they've gotten emotionally invested,” Kristy says.

So where do you even begin plotting out a budget? There are some rough percentages you can turn to as a starting point.

“Whatever your home value is, you are going to spend 10 to 25-percent of that value on a kitchen remodel,” Kristy says. 

What makes a good design, a better design and a best design? Kristy says, you might choose standard height cabinets in the good design, the better design might be extended height cabinets, and the best might be cabinets that go straight to the ceiling with glass door details. Counters might be laminate or upgraded to quartz or the top of the line stone with mica flakes. 

“We try to value engineer with every project. That’s why we educate so much in order to help you navigate through your choices,” Kristy says.

Something else to consider is how much change will happen in a room. If you are merely replacing cabinets and keeping the same layout, your project won’t be as expensive as another project that changes the location of appliances, adds lighting or even moves walls. That’s why Kristy spells it all out before a homeowner buys into a specific plan.

“It's a big investment and it is a time consuming one,” Kristy says. “Your home is your castle. We want you to love it forever, not just right now. When we see you in five years, the best compliment we can get is, ‘Oh my gosh, I still love my space so much. Thank you so much for helping me.’”  


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