Fall for Flowers

Let's celebrate the blooms that honor autumn

Gainan's Garden Center

Ah, the enchanting season of fall! It’s the time rich colors, cozy vibes and the return of pumpkin spice lattés! In the world of fresh flowers, autumn is full of excitement as seasonal products become available allowing us to create rich designs full of texture. To get you in the spirit, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite fresh flowers and accents that are perfect for this season.


Asiatic Lilies: Available year-round, the orange, yellow and burgundy are perfect for fall.

Bittersweet: Little orange berries on woody vines. Perfect as an accent, bundled in a vase or twined around a wreath.

Spider Mums: Spider mums are a perpetual favorite and available all year. They look like a firework burst in a bouquet, but the bronze mums are perfect in fall.

Cabbage and Kale: Available in summer and fall, ornamental cabbage and kale bring a large, natural element to your floral arrangements.


Chinese Lanterns: These papery orange flowers on long stems add a whimsical touch to bouquets.

Circus Rose: A rose with a dark orange/red edge and on yellow petals. Opens beautifully.


Dogwood: These tall red twigs are perfect for adding both height and texture to designs.

Fall Poms: Multiple blooms on each stem in orange and rust, gold and yellow and burgundy. A favorite are the Viking poms that look like mini sunflowers.

Green Wheat: Perfect for adding a rustic touch and some texture to any arrangement.

Hypericum: Clusters of little berries in shades of red, orange, peach and green.

Kangaroo Paw: absolutely awesome tubular flowers with dense hair giving it a velvety texture on long stems


Leucadendron: A relative of protea, leucadendron adds texture to arrangements.

Ornamental Grasses: Available in a wide array of varieties, grasses add texture to fall designs.

Peruvian Lily: Also known as alstroemeria. Each stem has multiple blossoms and is available in many seasonal shades and is long-lasting.

Pumpkin Tree: Appropriately named. This decorative branch looks like it has little pumpkins growing on it making it a perfect addition for autumn-themed displays.

Purple Millet: A tall decorative grass. Very dark purple with a tall plume.

Rosehips: Orange to red hips on woody branches adding a bit of rustic charm to designs.


Safflower: Kind of a thistle look-alike in shades of yellow and orange. Fun for accents in arrangements.

Sunflower: Who doesn't love the traditional golden yellow sunflower? Also try the tinted sunflowers with the flame-orange petals.

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