Meet Athletic Angelo

This adoptable kid hasn’t met a sport he doesn’t like

If you want to talk sports, 12-year-old Angelo is your guy. Asked about some of his favorite things in life, his eyes light up with one simple word, football.

After playing for his junior high, he not only loves playing the game in real life but also cueing up a little Madden 24 to play virtually. No matter how he enjoys the game, he loves talking about it.

“I’m a running back,” Angelo says with a smile. “It’s fun and I love to juke people out.”

Dawn Bushard, his social worker, sat close by nodding, and she adds that a running back is the perfect position for Angelo because he’s pretty fast.

“My football team is the Packers,” he says, though he’ll also be the first to tell you that he’ll watch any game, any time. He had a lot of admiration for the Kansas City Chiefs this season. “They have Patrick Mahomes, obviously. Travis Kelce is learning a secret way of communicating with Mahomes and also Rashee Rice. They are using secret signals.”

While football is a love, Angelo also plays baseball — he’s an outfielder — and loves playing point guard in basketball. Dawn says if Angelo had his way, he’d play sports year round.

“He’s also adventurous. He could be a little bit of an adrenaline junkie,” she says.

When it comes to a family, Angelo has had some time to think about what he wants most. He’d love to stay in Billings so he could be close to his two sisters, who are also in foster care.

“I’d love a mom and a dad that I can trust and feel like I’m at home,” he says. “I also like to explore.” 

When asked if there was anything else he’d love for a family to know about him, he puts on a big smile and says, “I’m pretty good at art and I also like to dress nice.”

“He’s creative,” Dawn says. “He’s social. He loves animals. I think they are therapeutic for him. He’s a great kid. He was just dealt a bad hand in life. He deserves a family and he’s ready for one.”

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ANGELO or the foster-adoption system in general, call Dawn Bushard at 406-657-3120. While Angelo needs an adoptive home, many times the primary goal for children in the system is to have a temporary placement while social workers strive to reunify them with their biological family. Each family wanting to become a licensed foster-adoptive home must undergo 18 hours of mandatory training to learn what it takes to become a successful foster family.  


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