Empty Stockings 2022

Let's make the holidays bright for kids in foster care

Right now, more than 850 children are in foster care in Yellowstone County. These children, many times, have been abandoned, neglected or abused. When children are placed in kinship foster care, the unexpected addition to a family can be expensive. We want to make sure these children, who oftentimes are removed from their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs have a Christmas.

To adopt, simply purchase the items in need and label the unwrapped gift with the child's name and stocking number listed below.


Feel free to drop off gifts to Child & Family Services at the address below or at one of the generous businesses who are helping provide additional places to drop off and donate gifts. 

Child & Family Services: 2525 Fourth Ave. North, Suite 309

Iris Salon: 1579 Mullowney Lane in Billings

Century 21 Hometown Brokers: 1605 Shiloh Road in Billings 

Boothill Inn: 242 E. Airport Road in Billings


 1.    When children are placed in kinship foster care the unexpected addition to a family can be expensive and oftentimes the family needs immediate assistance to maintain the children in the home. Gift cards for groceries, diapers, formula, or gas would be greatly appreciated to help families in crisis.   

2.    Lacey is a 13-year-old who needs size 9 pants, size 16 to 18 shirts and size 8 shoes. She would love a pair of Converse. She loves art supplies, rings, necklaces and “grungy-style” fashion, especially extra-large hooded sweatshirts. Sydney is 12 and needs size 9 pants, size 16-18 shirts, and size 8 shoes. She also loves Converse. Sydney would like makeup, lights for her room, new bedding, and bath things. Both the girls are also into ring lights for getting ready in the morning.

3.    Robert is a 1-year-old boy who lives with his grandparents. He needs size 3T pants and shirts, and size 8 shoes. He’d love anything that involves trucks, cars, or dinosaurs, and would like some books as well. 

4.    Arthur is a 2-year-old boy who needs size 3T shirts and 2T pants and wears size 8 shoes. He loves motorcycles and trucks. Summer is a 2-year-old girl who wears 2T shirts and pants, and wears size 5 shoes. Summer likes dolls and would love to change their outfits.  

5.    Sam, who just turned 18, is in a supervised apartment working to be on his own. He wears a size large in shirts, size 30x34 in pants and wears size 10 in shoes. He could also use some size medium boxer underwear and some socks. He would like some kitchenware (plates, bowls, utensils) for his new apartment, and would like some movies that he can watch. His siblings, Delaney and Jared, are placed together in foster care. Delaney is 17 years old and needs size small/medium shirts, size 4 or 5 pants, and wears size 7 ½-8 size in shoes. She would like make-up, jewelry, and some squishmallow plushies for Christmas. Jared is 13 years old and needs size large shirts, size 36x32 pants, and size 11-12 shoes. He is really into cars, video games for his Xbox, craft supplies, Minecraft, and Roblox.

6.    Charlie is a 10-month-old in need of size 18-month clothing. He wears a size 6 in shoes. It would be good for Charlie to have some developmental toys or books suitable for a one-year-old. 

7.    Sibling group of 3: Suzie is an 8-month-old baby in need of size 12-month clothing and it would be good for her to have some developmental toys. Daniel is a 12-year-old boy who needs youth size 12 pants and youth large/extra-large shirts. He wears size 9 shoes. Daniel is really into drawing and he likes headphones. Christopher is a 6-year-old boy who needs size 8 pants, plus youth medium or large shirts, and size 2 shoes. Christopher is also into drawing and he really likes remote or toy cars. Both brothers also like nerf guns. 

8.    Sibling group of 3: 13-year-old Andrew needs youth extra-large or adult small shirts, as well as large or extra-large shorts or sweats. Andrew is very athletic and would like a gift card to Scheel’s. 11-year-old Brooklyn wears women’s extra small sizes in shirts and pants, and wears size 7 in shoes. She would like an over-sized Nike sweatshirt for Christmas. Delilah is a 17-year-old girl who would like makeup and any books on baking cakes/cupcakes as she wants to open her own bakery. 

9.    Sibling group of 4: Tom and Nathan are 16-year-old twins. Tom needs size 40x34 pants and size 3XL shirts. Tom would like some gaming headphones. He also likes anime and prefers sweatpants. Nathan needs size 36x34 pants and size XL shirts. Nathan loves gaming and sports. He also loves cars and would like a nice blanket for Christmas. 15-year-old Carly needs size 13 pants, size XL shirts, and wears size 9 shoes. Carly is into make-up, hair accessories, jewelry, purses, and would like a nice journal or diary. Anna is 12 years old and needs size 11 pants, XL shirts, and wears size 8½ shoes. Anna is into purses, hair accessories, jewelry, make-up, and would also like a nice journal. 

10. 16-year-old Abby needs women’s extra small/small shirts, size 2 pants, and she wears size 6½ shoes. She’s into make-up and would love a gift card to Ulta. She would also like a ring light on a tripod because she likes to make TikTok videos. 

11. Jackson is a 12-year-old boy who needs men’s size large shirts, size 36x30 pants, and size large sweatpants. He’d like some Rainbow High fashion dolls for Christmas. 

12. Sibling group of 2: 17-year-old Samantha needs women’s size small or size 4 shirts, size small or size 4 dresses, size 3-4 in pants, and she wears size 8½ shoes. She loves watercolor painting, art, music, and goth/punk things. Luke is 15 years old and needs men’s medium shirts, size 32x32 pants, and wears size 11½ extra wide shoes. Luke is really into tools (like wood working and cars) and he likes classic cars. 

13. Billy is a 1-year-old who loves all toys that make noise and music. He is in 18–24-month clothing and could use a pair of boots, some socks and pajamas. Any cold weather clothes would be much appreciated.  

14. Jamie is a 7-year-old girl who loves anything with unicorns! She loves to craft, so jewelry making kits or diamond art kits would be a great gift. She wears a size 7/8 in clothing and a size 2 in shoes. Her sister Josie is a 5-year-old who loves everything that has to do with Mermaids! She wants a Mermaid Star Projector light for a night light since she doesn’t like the dark. She also loves to dress up in princess clothes. Josie wears a size 5 in clothing and a size 10 in shoes. The youngest, Julie, is 3 years old and also loves anything Mermaid. She really loves baby dolls that look like real babies, Barbie dolls and anything that can be played with while in the bathtub. Julie wears a size 3 in clothing and a size 7 shoe.  

15. Tony is a 4-year-old who loves all things dinosaur. He could use some snow pants, size 4T, and some cold weather clothes well. He is also into superheroes, especially Batman and Spiderman. His little brother Kevin is 3, is a 3T in clothing and could also use snow pants and cold weather clothing. Like his brother he is also into superheroes, his very favorite being Spiderman. 

16. Dustin is 5 months old. He is in size 12-month clothes and could use a new winter coat and items for the cold winter months. He’ll be teething soon so anything chewable would be great along with interactive books. Kelly is a 3-year-old girl and can’t get enough of Blippi and the Teletubbies. She is a size 4T. She could really use some snow boots, size 9. 

17. Sally is a 1-year-old but is already wearing a 3T or 4T in clothing. She could really use some new fun pants, preferably with elastic waistbands and leg openings. She is a real girly girl that loves to dress up. Hats, scarves or purses would be a fun gift for her. She also loves putting together Lego Bricks/Duplos. Her brother Dillon is only 5 months. He is starting to teeth so anything chewable would be great. He could also use some warm weather clothes and pajamas, size 12 months. He could really use some books, preferably ones that are interactive or have teething elements. He also loves to play with pop-it fidget toys. 

18. One foster mom is currently caring for five children, all under the age of five. The first is a 4-year-old boy whose favorite things are monster trucks and motorcycles. He wears a 5T and a size 12 in youth shoes. The 2-year-old girl loves to act like a princess, loves babies, or anything pink. She wears a 3T in clothes and 7 in youth shoes. The 2-year-old boy loves cars, trucks, and any kind of ball. He wears a 2-3T in clothes and wears a size 7 in youth shoes. The 1-year-old girl loves anything that lights up and plays music. She wears 12–18-month clothing. Lastly, the 4-month-old boy wears 9–12-month clothing. He’d love some teething toys. Because this mom cares for such an active home, social workers would love to give her a gift card for a nice dinner or a good massage.

19. Sibling group of 3: The 17-year-old boy likes video games and anything that will get him outside. He wears a men’s medium in clothes. The 3-year-old girl wears 3T clothing and size 8 toddler shoes. She loves doll houses or anything with princesses. She loves to play outside with chalk. A second 3-year-old girl wears a size 2T in clothing and a 7 in toddler shoes. She loves doll houses. The baby boy is 1-year-old. He wears a size 18T and loves cars and trucks. Right now, the family lives with an older sister, her partner and their child. The family would love a board came that they could play or gift cards to purchase new clothes.

20. Gail is a one-year-old and her parents are struggling to provide seasonal appropriate clothing for her. She needs clothing in a size 18 month. She could also use socks, a coat and a hat.

21. A set of very active brothers ages 7 and 10 who love a scooter or skateboard for Christmas. They also enjoy anything to do with wrestling or Marvel characters. 

22. 8-year-old Brendan loves fishing, karate and shopping at Scheels. He wears a youth XL and size 6 in shoes.  

23. 7-year-old Alyvia loves cats, unicorns and squishmallows. She wears a youth size 10/12 and a size 4 in shoes.   

24. Melanie is a sassy 16-year-old girl who loves anything purple or zebra. She needs new tennis shoes and boots in a size 11 women’s. She loves drawing, coloring, painting and reading anime. She also needs clothes in a women’s size large. 

25. A single dad is doing a great job but could use a little help through the Holidays. His daughter 18-year-old Tanya who will be starting college in the spring would love an XL twin comforter with sheets along with some new pillows for her dorm room. She is open to anything a college student would need. Brenda is a shy 15-year-old who would love art supplies and a fuzzy blanket. She would also love gift cards to fast food restaurants so she can go get lunch with her friends. She would also love gift cards to her favorite stores —Target and Rue 21. Lori is a spunky 7-year-old girl who loves anything with rainbows. She loves to draw, color and also loves fuzzy blankets and pillows. Dad could use some gift cards to help with gas. He drives to many medical appointments both in and out of state. Gift cards to a restaurant would be nice for this family to have some bonding time.

26.This family worked hard to be reunified. Junior is a 4-year-old who loves anything PJ Masks or Spiderman. He loves to read, so any age-appropriate books would be great. He would love a PJ Masks twin bedding set. Lisa is an 8-month-old. She is soon to be crawling so anything to promote tummy time or toys that could help with fine motor skills would be appreciated. Mom and Dad could use new pots and pans and could also use a new Queen bedding set.

27. A sibling group of three is living with their grandmother. Kennedy is a 5-year-old girl who loves art. She needs new clothes size 7 for pants and size 9 for shirts. David is an 8-year-old who needs new clothes in size 10-12. He loves Legos and nerf guns. Jeremiah is a 4-year-old who needs new clothes in a size 5T for pants and 6T for shirts. He is also into action figures and Legos.

28. Sibling group of two: Katie is a 2-year-old who loves baby dolls and princesses. She needs size 4T clothing and 3-4T underwear. Josh is a one-year-old who loves building blocks and interactive toys. He needs 18-month clothing and size 5 diapers. 

29. Steven is a 9-month-old boy in need of new clothes size 12 months. He would also like some educational toys.

30. Gage is a 10-year-old who loves Legos. He also really enjoys anything that has to do with science or history. He could use some new shirts in a size medium.

31. River is an 11-year-old boy who is living in a group home. He is really into Pokémon and dragons. He would enjoy some new socks and underwear, size medium boys. He also really enjoys playing board games with his friends. Sara is a 17-year-old who is living on her own. She would really like some candles for her new apartment and some new shoes in a size 9.

32. A sibling group of three: Henry is a 6-year-old who loves action figures, Legos and outer space. He would love some new clothing in a size 8. Lea is a 16-year-old who would love some new shirts in a women’s size medium. She loves drama and hopes to be an actor one day. Oliver is a 14-year-old who would love some new clothing in a men’s medium. 

33. A sibling group of two: Charlie is a two-year-old girl who needs clothing in a size 4T. Emma is 3 and needs size 5T clothing. Both girls really like hands-on toys and enjoy things to play with in the bathtub.  

34. Carter is a one-year-old boy who is currently living with his grandparents. He needs 18-month clothing as well as some silicone bibs. Carter really loves airplanes and trucks.

35. Brooklyn is a 5-year-old little girl who lives with her grandmother. She needs Size 8 pants and size 9 tops. She really enjoys Barbie dolls and making necklaces. 

36. 15-year-old Logan needs some new clothes. He wears a men’s medium in shirts and would also like some new socks.

37. Nolan is a 14-year-old who needs size medium/large youth shirts. He really enjoys art, reading and anything to do with the outdoors.

38. Caleb is a 2-year-old living with his aunt. He needs size 4T clothing. He also really enjoys playing with his toy kitchen and building with blocks. He would love some new bath toys. 

39. Parker is a 5-year-old boy who loves trucks and interactive toys. He also needs size 8 clothes along with some new socks.  

40. Taylor is a 3-year-old little boy who needs new clothes. He wears a size 6T and loves Paw Patrol and superheroes.

41. Skyler is a 3-year-old girl living with her grandmother. Skyler needs size 5T clothing as well as size 10 shoes. She loves princesses and baby dolls!

42. Ethan is a three-year-old little boy who loves music and would love a toy guitar. Kyle is a two-year-old little boy who loves trains and cars. They would also love some new snow pants size 4 and 5T as well as some new hats and gloves.

43. Gavin is a 12-year-old boy living in a group home. He really loves anime and would love some books. He would also really like some new socks. Hunter is a 10-year-old also living in a group home. He really enjoys art as well as Star Wars. Miles is an 8-year-old who is living with his grandma. He would love some new slime and play dough. Miles would also enjoy a new coat size 10-12 and a pair of gloves.

44. Audrey is a 16-year-old girl who would love a new sweatshirt size women’s large. She is also in need of some new shoes in a size 9. Audrey is also into art and would love a new sketch pad with colored pencils.

45. Sibling group of four living with their grandfather. Noah is 5 and loves trucks and cars and needs clothing in a size 8. Elijah is 7 and would really enjoy some new Legos, puzzles or books. Lucas is 9 and is in love with outer space. Lucas could also use some new clothing size medium for tops and bottoms. Levi is 11 and would love some new board games. He is also really into soccer and football.

46. A sibling group of three lives with their aunt on a limited income. Mariah, 17, wears a size women’s medium in shirts and medium lounge wear bottoms. She’s in need of new shirts and likes jogger bottoms. She also likes hair and face products. Farrah is 10. She wears a 10-12 top and bottoms. She likes fun lights for her room and face masks. Paris is 6 and wears size 7-8 in tops and bottoms. She loves LOL Dolls and dress up clothes. The girls like arts and crafts as well. Their aunt needs new pots and pans and could use a gift card to either Walmart or Target.  

47. A small family of 3: mom, dad and 3-year-old Anna. Anna loves all princesses and likes to color. Anna is in need of pajamas size 5, snow boots size 10 and snow gear (waterproof gloves and hat). Parents did not ask for anything, however they could use a gift card for a dinner for two and a cozy-fuzzy blanket. 

 48. A sibling group of three. Carl, 10, wears a size 14/16 top and bottoms. He could use winter gear and new socks and underwear. He enjoys drawing, so a sketch pad with colored pencils and regular pencils would be nice. Angie is 8, wearing a size 8 top and bottom. Angie is in need of pajamas and socks and likes Barbie dolls. Angie would like a Barbie car to go with any Barbies she gets. Angel is 6. She wears a size 6 top and bottom. Angel loves to wear leggings and would like a princess shirt. Angel would like a stuffed bear and some fidget toys. The foster mom would like a new pair of slippers and kitchen gadgets. Foster dad did not ask for anything but is a Kansas City Football fan.

49. A family of 4 with limited income: Mya ,16, loves make up and fake eyelashes. She wears a size small and loves graphic t-shirts. She would like a flannel coat in a size medium. Zella, 14, would like a pair of Hey Dude shoes, size 8.5 and an oversized hoodie (size adult medium). The parents said they could use some new bath towels and winter gloves and hats. 

50.  A sibling group of two are living with their grandparents on a limited income. Jesse is 6 months and she wears a size 12month. She is in need of sleepers, socks, a winter coat (size 12 months) and hat. Tianna is 2 years old and is in need of a winter coat, size 4T, and snow boots size 9. Tianna loves the movies Encanto and would love anything with that theme. Their grandparents did not ask for anything, however grandma loves to read to the girls, so children’s books would be great. 

51.  Jayce and Riley are 3- and 2-year-old brothers who love to build things together. They are both into balls, dinosaurs, trains, PJ Masks, superheroes, and crafts. Their sizes are 4T, 10 in shoes and 3T, 7 in shoes. His foster parents are outdoorsy and love to take the kids to places like the Trampoline Park and Wise Wonders. They have not asked for anything but would love a date night dinner. 

52. Jonah is a very wild nearly three year old boy who loves to climb and jump on things. He is fearless and loves toy guns, nerf guns and light-up shoes. He wears a size 3T and a size 8 in shoes. Jonah also likes PJ Masks, Simba and is working on potty training. He could use potty training accessories. Foster auntie loves the Denver Broncos and could use size XL t-shirts and sweat pants. 

53. Tayah is the sweetest, happiest one year old girl you'll ever meet. She looks cute in any outfit and has a very stylish wardrobe. She wears size 2T clothing and needs shoes in size 4. She's starting to get into all types of “girly” toys like baby dolls. Tayah is an outdoorsy girl and loves spending time with her three foster siblings and foster parents. She is used to running with the boys and enjoys trucks and dinos like her brothers.  

54. Collin is a 17-year-old boy with lots of interests in “weird” or “quirky” things like scary movies, Jurassic World, Transformers, and anything that is funny. He does have austism and most things will make him happy – especially sensory toys. He really wants some LEGO sets that are transformer and Jurassic World. He would also like the whole Transformers movie collection. Collin wears size large in men's clothing and a size 8 men's shoe. He could use some pajama pants, slippers, tennis shoes, hoodies an baseball caps.

55. Aiden is a 2-year-old boy who is wearing a size 2T. He loves to play with squishy balls and enjoys “mess free” painting or coloring. He wears size 6 or 7 in shoes and would love a pair of rain boots. He is starting to really like Simba, Elmo and Micky Mouse. Foster parents love Bath and Body Works candles and would appreciate a new set of kitchen pots/pans, cups/mugs or plates/bowls. 

56. Zara and Zena are two “sisters” in regular foster care. Zara is a big girl who will soon be fitting into 12-month clothing. She could use any handheld/noise making toys and baby shoes in a size 4. Zena is a very adventurous girl who loves to be outside and play with her teen brothers and sisters. Zena wears size 3T and a size 8 in shoes. She loves books, wooden puzzles, any learning toys and baby dolls. 

57. Scotty, Beau and Brooklyn are three siblings together in regular foster care. Scotty is 13 years old and would like some LED lights for his room and some gift cards. He wears men's large clothing and a size 12 men's shoe. He loves black. Beau is going to be in size 2T and wears a size 5 shoe. He loves noise toys, books and his walker. Brooklyn loves unicorns and Barbies and wears a size 4T and a size 9 in shoes. Foster parents are selfless and have their hands full. 

58. Jaden loves playing and jumping. He is learning about counting, numbers, and shapes, so he would love any learning toys. He wears size 3T or 4T in clothing and a size 8 in shoes. Jaden could use any outside toys. He is asking for a piggy bank (an actual pig 😊).

59. Maya is a 2-year-old who wears a size 3T and a size 8 in shoes. She loves toys that she can play with her hands, loves music-making toys and enjoys playing outside. Emma is a 4 year-old who wears a size 5T and a size 11 in shoes . She's very girly and loves anything that is sparkly and pink. Layla is 6 years old and is the oldest sister of the three. She wears a size 6/7 and a 13 in shoes. Layla is very smart and loves reading, sonic toys, anything that is fast and anything that will stimulate her brain. These girls are being raised by grandparents who love to shop at TJ MAXX. 

60. Emi and Daisy are 10 and 9 year old sisters. Emi is a size 14/16 and wears a women’s size 10 shoe. She loves animals and drawing. She could use girly hair care items and any bedroom décor. Daisy is in size 10/12 in youth and a size youth 6 in shoes. Daisy’s favorite color is purple and she's into makeup and horses. Both girls would love drawing/art supplies or anything crafty along with gift cards to Target.

61. Charlie is a 2 (almost 3) year old boy who loves to explore and make messes. He is getting bored of his toys recently so needs things to stimulate his mind. He is struggling with some possible autism, so the more stimulation, the better! He is growing to be a size 4T and size 9 shoes. He will be needing socks and winter clothing this year. He would love mittens that attach to his hat or coat, so he does not lose them. He loves sharks, trucks, dogs, and sound-making toys. 

62. Isla is a 6 year old girl who wears a size 6/7 and size 10/11 in shoes. She loves sparkles, unicorns, beads and drawing. She is interested in sensory toys and loves animals. Isaac is a 2 year old boy who is starting to explore the older he gets. He really loves Micky Mouse and Paw Patrol. He can wear 3T in clothing and a size 7 in shoes. His foster parents are looking for a new set of kitchen cups and plates. They also love candles to light in their home – the kids love them.

63. Iris is a special needs 10 year old who would love some new books (1st – 2nd grade level) and some new games. She loves any games that make her brain work hard and is obsessed with unicorns. She wears a size 4 to 4-1/2 shoe and needs velcro shoes. She would love some new leggings (she does not like jeans) and would like hair clips/bows. Izzy is starting to get into sports and loves horses. She would like gift cards to clothing stores or Amazon. She wears a women’s large and pants in a size 10. She is also into makeup and hair, so she could use some new products. The family would love gift cards for home improvement or family outing gift cards to places like the Trampoline Park or the Zoo. The family (parents and children) could use new bikes. Izzy would like an adult women’s bike. Iris would do well with a bike fit for her age. 

64. Kade is a 15 year old boy who enjoys playing video games and drawing. He would like a nice sketch pad and drawing supplies. He also needs new shoes in a size 13 men's plus new clothing in men's XL or XXL. He likes to listen to music and play video games. He is asking for VISA gift cards or food gift cards. He loves the Seattle Seahawks and the Buffalo Bills.  

65. Natasha and Jasper are two teen siblings in foster care together. Natasha would like women’s size medium clothing or shoes in a size 9. She would like NIKE high top tennis shoes along with some makeup. Jasper is a 15 year old boy who loves to work out and would like workout clothing size XL. He likes “snap back” baseball caps and likes the New York Yankees. Jasper likes basketball and music. Both teens would like gift cards for clothing stores or food.

66. Eli is a 7 year old boy who wears a size 10 in boys and shoes in a size 4.5. He has big feet for his age. He also needs socks. He loves cars, Sonic, books, iSpy Books and action figures. He is a very high energy kid and loves to play outside and with his younger siblings. Ada is a 1 year old girl who is in size 24-month or 2T in clothing or a size 5 in shoes. She likes music, books, cars, Duplo blocks, stirring things/cooking foods and likes jewelry (baby necklaces/bracelets). Foster parent is a grandmother who would love self-care items or a gift certificate to a salon. 

67. Jessica is a 17 year old girl who is a size XL and wears a size 16 in pants. She wears size 11 shoes and is interested in gift cards, animals, sports and jewelry. She enjoys skinny jeans, leggings and the color red. Tessa is a 16 year old girl who wears a women's size medium in shirts, size 4 in jeans and a size 8 in shoes. Tessa likes cow print and the color purple. She would like gift cards and slippers and sweatpants. The girls would like new flat iron’s, wand hair curler or large barrel hair waver. Connor is a 13 year old boy who wears size 30 pants, a size 12 in shoes and needs sweatshirts and sweatpants.

68. Cash is a 6 year old boy who wears size 10 boys clothing and size 13 in shoes. Kaden wears a size 4T and 9 in shoes. Both boys are interested in Minecraft, robots, spiderman and building blocks. Jade is wearing size 3T and a size 8 in shoes. She likes dolls and anything girly. All of the children could use gift cards to places in town like Monkeying Around, the Zoo or Get Air Trampoline Park. Grandma has not asked for anything but could use a new set of cookware pans and sweatpants in size XL. 

69. Ashley and Ivery are two sisters who would love gift cards to get pedicures. They are both wearing Women’s size large to XL and need shoes in a size 8 or 9. Each of the girls would love bedding or blankets for their rooms and slippers. Gift cards for local clothing shops would be great as well. Both girls have asked for body pillows and “crew neck sweatshirts.” 

70. A husky 7 year old boy would like a bike, he needs training wheels at this time. He loves cooking and baking too so a cookbook would be fun for him. He is creative and has a bright disposition on life. 

71. Two active farm girls, one loves dinosaurs, anything Jurassic park. She wears 2T and size 6 toddler shoes. She loves to play dress up and play with the farm animals and collect eggs. The other girl is a young fashionista who wears 5T in clothing and a size 11 toddler in shoes. She loves to bake and hang out on the farm in her dress up clothes. Both girls enjoy crafts and are hardworking kids that help out with chores and care for the animals. 

72. Robert is a soon-to-be 3-year-old. He is very active and always running around the house. He loves playing with his toys. It would mean a lot to receive a Christmas gift. Robert wears size 3T pants and shirts, and is a size 7 in shoes. He likes anything Toy Story or Paw Patrol, along with educational toys.  

73. Tabitha is a 15-year-old girl who is placed in a residential placement right now. She is asking for snowflake cashmere lotion from bath and body works, heavy duty mittens with black fur, fuzzy socks and noise canceling headphones. She also enjoys journals and fun gel pens, nail polish and recently started getting into makeup so she loves playing with new products.

74. Kami is a 14-year-old girl living with relatives. She's asking for a pair of blue and a pair of black skinny jeans in a size 7. She would also love long sleeve t-shirts in a size medium, a soft coat with a hood in a size medium and an OC brand beanie. She likes oils and small rubber bands for her hair and asked for a hair straightening brush. She also asked for Cetaphil brand facewash and face lotion. She does like shopping so she would also love gift cards for places like American Eagle or Old Navy. 

75. Nicole is a 17-year-old girl who would like athletic style pants or joggers in a size large. She also likes cozy sweatshirts in a size medium. She could use hats and gloves for the winter as well. She likes journaling, crafting and decorating her room so she would love supplies or gifts cards to stores like Hobby Lobby. She loves to shop for new clothes and would like gifts cards to places like American Eagle, Old Navy or H&M. 

76. Sam (15-years-old) and Dean (8-years-old) are two boys who were recently returned to their mom’s home. She is asking for a dresser or gifts cards to help purchase one. The only other thing she asked for is a straight talk phone card to help with minutes for her and her oldest son. She started a new job and needs black tennis shoes size 8.5. She would also love Wal-Mart gift cards to help with groceries. Sam would like men’s snow boots in a size 10½., Timberland Style and asked for PS4 basketball type games. He also likes shopping for his own clothes and would enjoy gift cards to places like Old Navy. Dean needs a winter coat size 8 youth. He likes Batman and would like any age appropriate batman toys. He could use a hat and gloves for the winter as well.

77. Alison is in the process of transitioning her two year old son, Hank, back into her care. She didn’t ask for anything for herself other than Wal-Mart gifts cards to help with groceries. Hank loves Paw Patrol toys, trucks and cooking toys. Mom also requested 2 to 3 year age appropriate games, books and bath toys.

78. Crystal is a mom who just transitioned her 1-year-old son, Adam, into her home. They are asking for Power Wheels, Thomas and Friends train toys or tracks, as well as age appropriate bath toys and books. Mom could use help with size 6 diapers and wipes. Mom asked for cozy blankets, warm socks and nice earrings. 

79. Natalie and her husband Roy are caring for their eight children in their home. Roy asked for size 38x32 Carhartt jeans and XXL shirts and Natalie asked for size 14 high waisted skinny jeans and size XXL long sleeved pajama sets. Their children asked for size 6 youth Jordan style tennis shoes, Frozen toys and LOL dolls, dinosaur and spider man toys. The family requested a few heated blankets to help during the winter as well. The teenagers in the home asked for art supplies and gift cards to shop for their own clothes at places like American Eagle, Old Navy or Maurices. 

80. Kris is a mom who recently moved into her own apartment and was reunified with her 18-month-old son. She's asking for 24-month long sleep onesies, clothing and a coat. He wears size 5 shoes. Mom asked for age appropriate educational games, books and bath toys. Mom asked for gift cards to help with diapers and wipes as well. She requested a set of pots and pans, journals and colored pens. 

81. Eric is working toward parenting his 1-year-old son, Sam. He would like size 12-month clothes, hats and gloves, age appropriate books, bath toys and stuffed animals. For himself, Eric only asked for a gift card to purchase minutes for his phone and size XL men’s sweatshirts.

82. Kristin recently had her children returned to her care and is thriving, but is caring for them on a very limited income. She is asking for size 13 women’s pants for herself, size 7½ shoes and XL sweatshirts. Her 11-year-old daughter, Cassie, would like size large women’s t-shirts, size 7-8 junior pants, large sweatshirts and pop it fidget toys. Her 7-year-old son Jeremy would like size 10 shirts, size 10 in pants and size 3 in shoes. He'd also love a scooter. Her 7-year-old son, Paul, would like size 10 shirts, size 10 pants, size 3 in tennis shoes and dinosaur toys. Her 2-year-old daughter Talley, would like 3T pants and tops, a 3T jacket and age appropriate books and bath toys.

83. Josie is working with the Department toward reunification with her children. She is asking for a queen sized blanket for her bed and size XL sweats. Her youngest daughter Katie would like dolls, doll clothes and a Build-A-Bear doll. Her oldest daughter would like make up, fake eye lashes and Jordan style tennis shotes in a size 8-1/2. Her son would like 4T clothes, farm toys and toy cars. 

84. Jeremiah is working with the Department toward reunification with his four children. He has requested LOL doll toys for his daughter Joy, Baby Yoda toys for his daughter Jen, Marvel toys for his son James and Hot wheel or trucks for her son Justin. Dad would like art and paint supplies and a smoothy blender for their home.

85. Wendy has three teens, Robin, Lance and Thomas. Wendy has made great changes in her life but it is hard on her income to be able to give her children the kind of Christmas she would like. Robin would be grateful for: clothes including ripped, high rise, skinny jeans size 0, cropped t-shirts and sweatshirts in a size small. She wears a size 3-1/2 to 4 in shoes. She'd also love a pair of false eyelashes, rope LEF lights and a tapestry for her room. Hair gel and perfume are also on her list. Lance would like ripped jeans in a size 16-18 in boys or small in men’s, shirts size 18 in boys and tennis shoes in a size 9.5. He'd also like gift cards to fast food places for lunches, LED rope light for his room, a bedding set for young man, large posters or other decorations for his room. Thomas would like jeans in a size 14-16 and shirts in a size small in men’s and tennis shoes size 4 to 4-1/2in adult. He'd also like a train set, remote control cars or dinosaur toys. Wendy could use slippers in a size small, gift cards for food, beauty products (shampoo, bath items, lotion). 

86. Martha has two children, Keith, age 1 and Maxwell age 14. Martha works full time but could use a little extra help over the holidays to give her children a great Christmas. Keith would love any age appropriate toys including V-tech educational toys, books, any boy 18-24-month-old clothing, socks, shoes. Maxwell likes beanie knit winter hats, gift cards to fast food places for lunch during school, art supplies, everyday socks, a comforter set for a queen bed, sweaters in a size medium plus any room décor.

87. Misty has two children, Alejandro, age 2 and Gregory age 10. Misty works full time and cares for her children on her own. Misty would be very excited to receive hygiene/beauty products (soap, body wash, shampoos, conditioners, body spray, lotion), pajama bottoms in a size L, a comforter set for a queen bed, along with pillows and a sheet set. Alejandro would love to have a toy that he can ride on, age appropriate educational/electronic toys, clothes for 18-24 month, shoes, socks, pajamas. Gregory would enjoy art supplies, pants in a size 12, tops size M, socks, pajamas, a light up device for his room, or rope LED lights. 

88. Xavier is 3 and he loves trucks, cars, and dinosaurs. He could use some new clothes as a whole. And his size is 5T. He could use jeans in particular. 

89. Bryson is 1 and he wears 3T. He loves toy cars and toy trucks. He enjoys stacking and smashing things (like blocks) and really enjoys anything that makes music that he can dance to.

90. John is 2 and he loves dirt bikes, dinosaurs, semi trucks, anything little boys like. He wears 3T currently and could use some new clothes in general. 

91. Makenzie is 3 and she wears size 3T. Clothing needs are general. She loves fashion, CoComelon and Paw Patrol characters. She also loves Barbies and baby dolls.  

92. A sibling group of three are living with their dad. There is Angelo, 12, who enjoys Fortnite and basketball. He wears a XXL in adult-sized shirts. Agapito is 6, and he wears kids medium shirts. He likes Minecraft and Super Mario Brothers. Aaron is 5 and wears a size 8 in shirts. He enjoys Minecraft, monster trucks, and Super Mario Brothers.

93. Brayden is 4. He wears a size 6 in pants and shirts, and he enjoys Paw Patrol, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, Matchbox cars, and dinosaurs. 

94. Transgender boy, age 15, is living in kinship care and wears a large in women’s for shirts (nothing too feminine please) or medium shirts in men's. He loves stuffed animals, soft things, sensory things. He would love a wireless mouse or wireless keyboard as he aspires to build his own computer. 

95. MJ is 6. He would like a bike, a remote control car, a basketball, magnets and blocks. He wears pants in a size 6/7, shirts in a size 6/7, and shoes in a size-12.5-13. 

96. Paxxen age 2 wears 3T and shoes in a size 7. He would like a basketball, light up toys and bath toys.

97. Crisaya is 1 and wears size 18-24 months and shoes in a size 4. She would like a Minnie Mouse doll, light up toys, and a baby doll. 

98. Conway is 9 and would like a bike. He wears shoes size 7-1/2 and pants in a youth 14. 

99. Payton is 9 and she would like a baby pink bedding set, glue-on nails, a jean skirt, snow pants, snow boots, and a squishmallow. Her size is 9-10. 

100. AJ is 3 and he wears a size 5 in shirts and bottoms and a size 10 in shoes. He likes dinosaurs, trucks, tractors, books and horses. 

101. Dion is 3 and wears shirts in a size 6/7, pants in a size 5/6, and size youth 10 shoes. He would like trucks and cars. 

102. Chey’ara is 2 years old and wears size 4/5T in shirts and pants and a size 9 youth in shoes. She would like girly toys. 

103. Asher is 2 and wears a size 4/5T in shirts, size 3/4T in pants and size 8 youth in shoes. He would love some trucks to play with.

104. Joseph is 16 and lives in a group home. He would like gift cards for Walmart or Target to shop for his own clothes. 

105. Fiona is a 17 year old who likes makeup and baby dolls. She likes to read (reading level is more of a 14-year-old). She would enjoy gift cards for Walmart or Target to shop for clothes. 

106. Cherry is a 14-year-old who loves unicorns and stuffed animals. She would like a volleyball or basketball. 

107. Donald is a 9-year-old who loves Spiderman. He would love to have a skateboard or scooter with knee/elbow pads and a Spiderman mohawk helmet. He wears a 13-1/2 youth in shoes and would like to have light up shoes. For shirts, he wears mediums/size 8 and in pants he wears a small to medium or a size 9. He also would like an MP3 player with headphones. He likes Legos and would like either a ghostbusters or Jurassic park set.

108. Drew is 17-years-old and will be aging out of the foster care system shortly after the new year. He will be starting from scratch so any household items would be appreciated. Gift Cards would also be beneficial to allow him to buy essentials. 

109. Earl is 13-years-old and would like Legos, remote control cars and a basketball. He does need sport socks. He wears about a 9-1/2 to size 10 in shoes and socks. Earl lives in a group home and would enjoy a gift card to shop for his own clothes. 

110. Shirley is 15-years-old and loves make-up, lotions, smelly body wash and so forth. She likes doing her nails. She can only have press on nails at this time. She loves music and pictures (maybe an instant camara). 

111. Nate loves working out and playing football. He also loves music and just got a new MP3 player and would like to download music on it. An iTunes gift card or Walmart or Target gift card are always good for the older teens. 

112. Jo-Jo is 16-years-old and likes makeup and nail stuff (can only do press-ons). She is in high school and likes to go out to lunch with her friends (fast food gift cards are always good). 

113. Rachel is 13-years-old and loves animals, doing art, building jewelry, fuzzy blankets and pillows, and rainbow colors/prints. 

114. A family with 5 girls, a teen girl who wears 14 slim, long likes Anime, likes to write and draw in her journal. She also likes big t-shirts and skinny jeans. Another teen girl who is 11 years old and wears size 12. She is interested in bright colors, teen to early teen chapter books. Another girl wears size 8 and is 7 years old. She likes books, being active, unicorns, necklaces or hair accessories and mermaids. The family needs twin bedding and pillows. Winter boots in girls size 12. Another daughter wears a size 7 slim in girls clothes, likes to dress up in jeans and fancy shirts. She likes books about science topics, fun books about unicorns, or humorous books. She also likes fidget toys, Legos or a doll house. The mother has come a long way and works hard and long hours for her family as a single mother so a food gift card or a Target gift card could be a big help.  

115. A 10-year-old boy who loves dinosaurs! He also likes slime/putty squishy or stretchy fidgets or sensory type items. He is very involved in the Judaism religion and starting to explore it. A weighted blanket would be a hit with him. He has a twin bed and needs bedding and a pillow. He likes documentaries about nature topics preferably dinosaurs. He also likes to read science and nature books at the first grade reading level by himself and second grade level and up with an adult. He needs a size 14 husky in boys. He also needs shoes in a size 3 boys.  

116. This family has one special needs 7 year old boy. He likes stuffed animals, and sensory/learning type toys that make noise or music. A weighted blanket that is easily washable would be nice, lavender shampoo, conditioner, or body soap. A chew type toy that can Velcro on the wrist, a toy box or bin that has a lid and is tough, or anything to help build language skills that includes pictures and words paired together is ideal! Clothing sizes are a 7-8 in boys and a size 14 in shoes. He likes Paw Patrol dogs and cats so books about these that are cardboard will help build vocabulary. He can even use books that foster sign language too. Since he's working on his communication, a picture schedule that is durable might be helpful.  

117. A mother of a boy with special needs would love a Swiffer cleaner with extra cleaning pads and a gift card for Walmart for some basics for herself. She gives so much to her family and has made some major gains as a parent of a special needs child.

118. A boy who is 6 is in need of a dresser with child safety locks on it so it will stay shut and not get broken easily, this would help the boy have a room that is safe for him and his needs.

119. A family has 2 girls who are ages 3 and 1. The girls like unicorns and mermaids, anything to encourage talking and language skills such as books. They like to draw and color with large crayons. One girl wears a size 2T, the other wears a 5T. These girls have big hearts and really care for everyone around them. They also have artwork on the walls at home recently, so maybe a large white board with some colorful markers. They love fresh fruit and veggies so a gift card to WinCo would go a long way with this family.

120. A boy (11 years old) with a huge heart that always thinks of others despite his tough past likes Dungeons and Dragons and anime. He wears an XL in boys although he might fit into a size men's small. This young man wants a bike with a good lock. He likes going to Get Air and is a foodie. He is not picky about food but a gift card to WinCo for groceries for his dad would be helpful. Some fast food gift cards would also be helpful. Since he is working in his reading skills, a reading window tool for him or a colored one that he can use at school would be helpful. 

121. A teenage girl who loves shopping. She's overcome some tough things this year but has remained positive. She is honest and a great advocate for herself. She would enjoy any food gift cards. She likes dance, hip–hop and jazz, along with basketball. Her mother is doing awesome but struggles with health issues. A heated blanket or massage-style tools would be great.

122. A young mom with a 7-month-old daughter could use clothes that are a size 9-month that would be good for the winter months including a coat or a snow suit. Onesies and baby wipes would be appreciated. She is looking for a Bumbo seat to encourage her daughter to sit up. She'd also love a jumping chair to help her daughter work on strength along with any developmental toys appropriate for her age. She loves crinkle noises in her toys. Books are welcome too. 

123. An adorable blue-eyed baby boy that wears 6-8 months is very active and loves crashing into things in his walker. He dances to music too and will be walking before long so any child proofing items would be a big help! Educational toys to help with language development would be great. He would love clothes that he can be active in.  

124. A family with a smiley little girl who is 8 months old would love any kind of educational or interactive toys. She also likes head bands with cute designs. Books would be appreciated, a pillow for sitting up or a tummy time mat with a mobile. She has a brother who is 3 years old and wears a size 6-7. He likes fishing, books and action figures. This family has gone through some tough times but are staying strong and working very hard to better themselves for the kids. 

125. A sibling group of five had to be removed from their home. There is Leah who is 3 years old. She wears a size 4T for shirts and pants. She loves CoComelon, Paw Patrol, Barbie dolls (with darker skin) and board books. She could use some new dress shoes (toddler size 8). And would like a strider bike or one without peddles. Logan is 4. He wears a size 4T and a size 10 for shoes. He likes Thomas the Train, airplanes, superheroes, vehicles, and Paw Patrol. If possible, he would love a new bike with training wheels. Luke is 5, he wears a size 5 in boys and a size 12 in shoes. He would love his own football, baseball gloves, or anything related to sports. He likes Spiderman and superheroes and would also like a new bike. Levi is 7, he wears a size 6 and a shoe size 1. He likes Sonic the Hedgehog, superheroes, sports, and hats. He would like a bike, baseball glove, football or anything sports related. Lucy is 8, she wears a size 10-12 for clothes, and a shoe size 1. She loves dolls right now (not LOL dolls) and preferred American girl dolls or accessories. She enjoys making her own jewelry. She loves fingernail polish and doing arts and crafts. She is at a level 2 reading level and would like books. They love to play board games as a family and spend lots of time outdoors playing in the yard. 

126. Callie is 16. She does not need any clothing at the moment but would love new books and a bean bag chair. She is really into Sci-fi right now and young adult novels. Callie loves nail polish, makeup, anime and drawing. Camilla is 13, she wears a medium in women’s shirts, size 3 pants, and size 6 in women’s shoes. For clothing, she likes muted colors, t-shirts, jeans, and boots. She likes drawing, art, and makeup, as well as young adult novels. Chad is 14.He wears a size large in men’s shirts, large in sweats (does not like jeans), and a shoe size 10 in men’s (he prefers shoes with no laces). He likes nerf guns, anything Pokémon, and reads at a 5th grade level. 

 127. Rose is a 1-year-old girl living with family. She wears a size 18-month. The family is asking for shoes and board books that are indestructible/board books.

 128. Family of 6. Jessica is 8 and wears a 10 to 12 and a size 3 in shoes. Jessica loves jewelry (not earrings), and anything girly. She likes ChapStick, hair accessories, and purses. She is very into art and would like notebooks, pens, art supplies and books (She reads at a kindergarten-2nd grade level). Lisa and Lacey are 3 and 4 years old. They love baby dolls, playing dress up and educational toys. Lacey wears a size 5T and Lisa wears a size 3T. Lucy is 8 years old. She wears a size 8-9 in sweaters, and a size 3 in boots. Maci is 12 years old. She’s into gemstones, jewelry, teenage scary horror novels, Roblox, fingernail polish, and colorful notebook pens. She is very into decorating her room and would like LED lights. She wears a medium in women’s shirts and loves anything floral. She wears a size 16 in youth pants or a size 3 in women's (tall). She wears a size 9 in shoes. Madeline is 13 years old. She loves Manga, Anime (specifically soul eater), all art supplies, paints, brushes, and making her own jewelry. She wears a size medium in women’s shirts, size 16 in youth pants or a size women's 3(tall) along with a size 7-1/2 shoe. The family is asking for winter boots and sweaters for the children and bikes if possible. 

129. Amelie is 10 years old. She wears a size 10-12 in clothes and a size 5 in women's shoe. She likes black and more masculine clothing. She is really into art supplies, stuffed animals, jewelry (specifically earrings), and Minecraft and Roblox. She asked for robot dogs/animals for Christmas. 

130. Reese is an 8-year-old girl who wears a size 7-8 in pants but is tall so needs them to be longer for them to fit. She needs a winter coat, size small. She would like an LOL dollhouse, LOL dolls, and a case for her 7th generation iPod touch. She loves purple, blue and sparkles. She would love a scooter, slimes, and socks (size 1). Estelle is a 7-year-old girl who wears a size 10-12 in pants. She would like a winter coat (size medium), and socks (size 1). She likes Barbies, board games, and slime. She specifically asked for a hula hoop for Christmas. Kyle is a one-year-old boy. He wears a size 12-18 months and needs winter clothing. He is just starting to try and walk so the family asked for walking toys or a push walker.

131. Jameson is a 12-year-old boy. Jameson is really into building computers and asked for a keyboard, mouse, and computer games (Minecraft for PC, Lego Clone Wars for PC). He has a Nintendo switch and wants Pokémon Scarlet, Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom. He also would like Avengers Plushies. 

132. John is an 8-year-old boy. He wears a size 8 in shirts and pants. His family says that he needs warmer clothes for winter. He wants a toy garbage truck, and monster trucks. He also likes Legos, Minecraft, bubbles, and PJ Masks. Adam is a 7-year-old boy. He likes monster trucks, bubbles, and Spiderman. He asked for a bike. 

133. Mary is a 4-year-old girl. She wears a size 5T or XS in clothing and an 11 in shoes. She’s really into electronic toys with buttons. She also like Barbies and playing dress up. 

134. Christine is a 15-year-old girl. She wears a size 18 in women’s pants, and an XXL or XL in women’s shirts and a size 12 in shoes. She loves art, make-up, and clothes, but really needs shoes. 

135. Darren is a 7-year-old boy. He wears a size 7 in clothing and a size 11 in shoes. He is planning to get a kitchen set for Christmas and would like play food/cooking utensils. Darren is into reading and puzzles right now as well. 

136. Ben is a 12-year-old boy who wears a size XL in t-shirts. He doesn’t need much clothing but likes AC-DC t-shirts and sweatshirts. He plays lots of video games and asked for Xbox gift cards or a new Xbox controller. He likes anything that has to do with Xbox games.

137. Anna is a 2-year-old girl. She wears size 2T in clothing. She would love any toddler toys and books. The family asked for a bigger car seat. 

138. Trevor is a 11-year-old-boy. His brother, Mason is 10 years old. For the boys they like games, like Battleship or board games. They would love chapter books (Lord of the Rings series). Trevor likes more grown up toys like logic puzzles and regular puzzles. Mason likes action figures, animal figures and dragons. Samantha is a 7-year-old girl. She is really into girly toys like dolls, Barbies, and puzzles. She would really love a doll head that she could fix her hair and do her makeup. 

139. Jennifer is a 14-year-old girl. She wears size 6-8 in jeans, 7½ in women's shoes, medium in shirts. She is girly and would like nail stuff, makeup, and hair stuff. Juliette is a 9-year-old girl. She wears size 8-wide in women's shoes, 8-10 in jeans, large in shirts. She likes darker colors, high-top shoes, and butterflies. She likes to draw, read, listen to music, and play video games (Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite). June is an 8-year-old girl. She wears a size 7-8 in children’s clothing and a size 13 in shoes. She likes baby dolls, Barbies, American girl dolls, hair stuff and nail stuff. Jared is a 2-year-old boy. He wears size 2T in clothes and size 6 in shoes. He likes balls, blocks, Legos, books, stuffed animals, cars, trucks, basically anything boy. Jack is a little tiny baby boy. He wears a size 6-9 months in clothing. He would love a new pack and play, sensory toys, and blankets. The family expressed a huge need for winter clothing and boots.

140. Jasmyn is a 1-year-old girl. She wears a size 18-month. She likes interactive baby toys, needs a new bouncy chair along with winter clothing. Jennifer is a 4-year-old girl. She wears a size 4T in clothing and a size 8 in shoes. She lives on a farm and spends a lot of time outdoors. She needs winter clothing and maybe new coveralls. She likes electronic animals, Teletubbies, and animal figures. 

141. Johnny is 1 year old boy. He wears a size 12-18 months. He would like interactive baby toys, 360 sippy cups, winter clothing, and little cotton hats. 

142. Lela is a 1-year-old girl. She wears an 18-month in clothes, and a size 5 in infant shoes. Lela likes bath toys and books. The family really needs winter clothes.  

143. Sibling group of two: four-year-old boy, Max, and newborn girl, Rose. Max is in 3T clothes and wears size 4 shoes. Max likes superheros and Legos. Rose will likely be in 3-6 months clothes at Christmas. The family could use age-appropriate games to play with Max. 

144. Twin girls age 12 are living with a single father. Alex wears a size 14 pants w/size 7 shoes. She likes to wear leggings, t-shirts and large size hoodies. She likes to wear makeup, Rainbow High Fashion Yamamoto Dolls. She's also enjoy Walmart/Amazon gift cards. Josie wears size 12 pants, size 8 shoes and large shirts. She likes to skateboard and build Legos. She is into art, painting and sketching. Both could use hygiene products and hair accessories. For dad, a Walmart gift card to use for groceries would be great. He's also love board games or activities he could do with the girls.

145. Single mom with two daughters, ages 11 and 5. Gabriella is in 12-14 clothes, size 6.5 in shoes. She is very girly and likes pop-it/fidgets toys. She'd love the game UNO, bracelet kits or any kind of craft projects. Isabella is in size 6-6x clothes, size 12 shoes. Isabella could use winter boots and snow pants. Isabella likes LOL toys, Stella dolls, anything Disney princesses and hair stuff. Mom has not asked for anything, however, she could use new baking sheets, pots and pans, knives and measuring tools. Mom wears mostly leggings and sweats in a size L along with a size 9 in shoes. Mom states her vacuum works very marginally and sometimes not at all. A gift card for dinner for the three or a fun activity to do in town would be nice.

146. Single mom with four boys age 15, 12, 9 and 6. Chris (15) wears size adult small shirts and would love a pair of name brand sweats size adult medium, and size 10 men’s shoes. Chris is into Minecraft and Fortnite. He loves to play basketball but needs a basketball hoop. Michael age 12 wears a size 12-14 in clothes, a size 8 in men’s shoes and is into wearing hoodies. Michael likes football and could use a ball pump. He likes Hot Wheels and remote control cars. He is into trading Pokémon cards with his 9-year-old brother. Shawn, age 9, is size 10-12 in clothes, size 6 in boy’s shoes. He likes superheroes, Pokémon and Lego sets. Michael and Shawn could use new bikes or Razor/scooters. Anthony (6) is in size 7-8 clothes and a size 1 in shoes. He also likes superheroes, cars, Minions and dinosaurs. Mom could use a Walmart card to use for hygiene/groceries for the boys. The family could use inside games/activities that hold the attention of four boys.

147. Two parent household - the dad is on disability and the mom works. Children age 3- and 5-year-old girls. Amanda age five is in 5T clothes and size 10 in shoes. She loves princess stuff. She likes to play with baby dolls and Barbies, playing dress-up and coloring. She could use some preschool activity books. Emily is in size 3T-4T in clothes and a size 4 in shoes. Emily is into building blocks, Play-Doh, and arts and crafts. Emily loves the movie Trolls. Emily and Amanda could use winter snow boots, gloves and hats. The family lives paycheck to paycheck so, a night out for the parents would be nice. Gas cards, gift cards for the movies would be great for the family. Board games like Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, UNO cards, go fish/old maid cards, and matching games would be great.  

148. Tommy is a ten-year old boy who loves riding his bike outside and playing baseball with the neighbor kids. He also loves Bob Ross and has been seen around town rocking a Bob Ross wig. He wears a size 10-12 in clothing and a size 4 shoe. He doesn’t like jeans with buttons and would prefer pants that have an elastic waist. 

149. Fiona is a 7-year old girl with a take charge personality. She loves playing with baby dolls and enjoys playing house with her foster siblings. Her foster mom reports that she likes being the mom so she can give orders to the younger siblings. She is also an artistic child who loves coloring and art things. She wears a 7-8 size for clothes and a size 1 in shoes.

150. Lucy is a 9-year old girl with an interest in reading and learning. She always has a book in her hands and is infinitely curious. She also loves playing with Barbies and LOL dolls. She wears a 14-16 in clothes and is a size 1 in shoes. 

151. Farrah is a 4-year old girl with a spicy personality. Her foster mom jokes and says she’s the boss of the home. Grace loves to play with Hatchimals and other animal toys. She wears a 5-6 in clothes and a size 11 in shoes. 

152. Maverick is a 3-year old boy with cheeks that require squishing. He is a little beam of sunshine with a spicy temper. He is all boy with a sweet soul. He loves baby dolls, dinosaurs, cars and Toy Story. He wears 3T clothes and a size 8 in shoes. 

153. Tyler is a 4-year old boy with a charming smile and sweet disposition. He loves motorcycles, Sonic the Hedgehog (he does a great impression of how quickly Sonic can run) He also loves Paw Patrol. Tyler wears a 5-6 in clothes and wears an 11 shoe. 

154. Dante is a 10 year old boy who loves playing soccer and spending time outside with his foster siblings. He loves sports and outdoor activities. His favorite thing to show his social worker is how fast he can ride his bike. Dante wears a 8-10 in clothes and wears a size 10 shoe. 

155. Grace is an 8-year old girl who charms everyone she meets. This little lady is so polite and sweet, all of the people in her life report that she is loving and kind in all of her interactions. Grace spends her free time playing with My Little Ponies, LOL Dolls and stuffed animals. She also has a big interest in Pokémon. Grace wears size 7-8 in clothes and wears a size 2 shoe. 

156. Blake is a new human on this planet. He was born a little early and is still catching up to his fellow babies. When his social worker asked him what he wanted in his stocking he just grinned. Blake could use some 6-month sized clothing, and he doesn’t wear shoes. Bright and engaging baby toys would be great for Blake.  

157. Landon is a 6-year old boy who loves superheroes. His foster mom says that Iron Man and Spiderman are his favorites. He wears a size 6 in clothing and wears a 12 in shoes. 

158. Single mom with three kiddos who just recently located to Billings. Ben wears shoe size 11½ toddler size boys, shirt size 5/6 boys, pants 5/6. Ben likes dinosaurs, Hot Wheels, stuffed animals and Roblox. Noah wears shoe size 3 in boys, shirt size 10/12, pants 10/12 husky. He likes blocks, stuffed animals, math games and Roblox. Emma wears a size 2 in girl's shoes, and a size 7/8 in shirts. Emma does not like anything pink. She wears pants in size 10/12 (She doesn’t like jeans of any kind). Emma likes Roblox, Art, Stranger Things, squishmallows and music. This mom puts her children first always so she could use a gift card for a haircut and a gift card for Target for a little self care. 

159. Paisley-2 year old girl. Wears 2T clothes size 7 shoes. She loves bath toys, music toys and books. 

160. Leah, an 8-year-old girl, wears a size 10 in clothes and a size 2 in shoes. She loves hair accessories, jewelry and stuffed animals.

161. Karter is an 8-year-old boy who wears a size 8 in clothes and a size 1 in shoes. He loves Pokémon, Pokémon cards and Legos. 

162. Tyson is a 1-year-old boy who wears a size 3T in clothing and a size 6 in shoes. He loves cars and trucks.

163. Jacob is a 1-year-old boy. who wears a size 18-month in clothes. He loves noisy cars, trucks, ambulances and books.

164. Kyra is a 13-year-old girl who wears a size medium in juniors, a size 8 in pants and a size 9 in shoes. She loves anime, art, beadwork, and shopping at Ross and Target.

165. David is a 12-year-old boy who wears a men's size large, 28 in pants and a men's size 8 in shoes. He loves art, music, beadwork and enjoys shopping at Best Buy.

166. Macy is a 4 year old girl who wears a size 6 in clothes and a size 12 in shoes. She loves Frozen, Encanto and dolls. 

167. Donovan is a 6-year-old boy who wears a size 10 in boys and a 1-1/2 in shoes. He loves superheroes, ninjas and Legos.

168. Caleb is a 2-year-old boy who wears a size 2T in clothing and a size 6 in shoes. He loves dump trucks, fire trucks, soccer balls, and anything to do with Toy Story.

169. Monica is a 13-year-old girl who wears a size women's medium in shorts/pants and a size 7.5 in shoes. She enjoys softball and making jewlery along with shopping at American Eagle and Target. 

170. Mason is a 15-year-old boy who wears a men's medium in clothing and a size 11 in shoes. He likes Nike, skateboarding and shopping at Scheels. 

171. Lily is an 8-year-old girl who wears a size 7 in shorts/pants and 11.5 in shoes. She loves art, ballet, cats, dogs and stuffed animals. 

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