The OCD Girls

Organization is a passion for these two

Life is busy, and your time is valuable. So, what are you doing digging through your closet for something to wear or clawing through a drawer for a whisk or walking across the kitchen every time you need a coffee cup?

Disorganization and clutter steal your time and energy, but Jamie Holiday and Rebecca Boyce are ready to come to your rescue. Together, they are the OCD Girls, and organizing is their passion. Rebecca and Jamie work with homeowners to plan their storage spaces in newly built homes and help overhaul storage spaces for people who have lived in their homes for years.

“Jamie and I come in with a fresh set of eyes,” Rebecca says. “We often have our clients say, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’”

Jamie and Rebecca met at church five years ago and discovered they had the same affinity for organizing. On long walks during the pandemic, the two women hatched a plan to become professional organizers.

“We didn’t realize that professional organizing was a thing,” Jamie says. “We came up with a name and found a few friends who could use our help and it took off from there,” Rebecca adds.

Now, they’re working full-time, with most of their jobs coming from referrals from happy clients.

Being a professional organizer is both an art and a science. It requires a logical and analytical approach along with creative problem-solving skills. Working together, Jamie and Rebecca can usually complete a project in a day. It starts with a consultation to discuss with homeowners their needs and habits. Rebecca and Jamie look around the home and see how the space is used and look for more efficient ways of doing things. Then, they arrange storage spaces around those activities.

“We both have different strengths and they’re very complementary,” Jamie says.

Jamie and Rebecca also measure and take photos of the various storage spaces in the house so they can bring in solutions that are ideal. They maintain a storage unit with all kinds of options, so they don’t have to wait on a delivery or shop to find the right bin or container.

Jamie and Rebecca are pros at marrying function with beauty and take care to identify everything with attractive labels. They make sure containers and bins on open shelving match the decor and overall look of the home.

In the past four years, they have discovered that organizing and decluttering can be a difficult process for some homeowners who have become emotionally attached to their belongings. Others are embarrassed by their clutter. 

“Stuff is heavy and getting rid of things and organizing your space is life-changing,” Rebecca says. “We’re transforming the space, and it allows transformation in the person as well,” Jamie adds.  

When it comes to sentimental objects, like grandma’s china, Jamie and Rebecca encourage their clients to consider ways to preserve the memory without keeping all of the things. Sometimes that means keeping only one teacup and saucer or plate and displaying the treasure with pride. And sometimes, if adequate storage is available, keeping the set might work too by finding just the right place for it.

“We tend to have a lot of emotions tied up in our stuff,” Rebecca says. “Sometimes it takes an extra set of eyes who is unattached to help you get rid of your stuff.”

For many of ODC Girls’ clients, organizing is a process, not a one-and-done project. That’s why Jamie and Rebecca offer lots of instruction on how to maintain a tidy, organized home and use all the solutions after the project is done. When it’s time to reset, a system is in place.

“We’re not just changing the space. We’re transforming the space so you can take it from there,” Jamie says. “The evidence is in maintaining the space.”

While Jamie and Rebecca are professional organizers, they believe that with a few tips, anyone can organize their own space. They encourage people to start with a single cupboard, drawer or a closet and not take on more than can be done in an hour or two. Before long, you’ll be looking for more spaces in your home to organize. 

“Organizing has a domino effect, and pretty soon you’ll have organized your whole home,” Rebecca says.

10 Organizing Tips from the OCD Girls

 When it comes to organizing, The OCD Girls encourages a little DIY. Not sure where to begin? Take a look at their top 10 to get you started.

1.        Don’t take it all on at once. Start your organizing journey one cupboard, drawer or closet at a time. Once you have some momentum, then it’s time to tackle bigger projects.

2.        Start by taking everything out and tossing or donating what you don’t need, then put back what belongs there with a designated place for everything.

3.        “Like with like” is the golden rule of organizing. Store all the objects used for one purpose together. This tip works well for everything from a tiny entryway to a massive garage.

4.        Measure first, buy second. Don’t give into the temptation to purchase storage solutions until you’ve measured your space and have taken inventory of what you plan to keep.

5.        Decanting is a pantry must-do. Keep pantry staples in clear, labeled containers. That way you always know what you have and how much. Your staples will stay fresher too.

 6.        Identify the prime real estate inside your home and keep your most-used items there. You don’t want to keep crossing the kitchen while you’re cooking to find what should be kept next to the stove.

 7.        Consider your lifestyle and create “habit stations.” These are places where everything you need for that task is all in one place. Think coffee bar, or a designated drop zone for keys and sunglasses in the entryway. 

8.        Contemplate what’s in your closet. Women, on average, wear only 20 percent of what’s in their closet. A handy trick to figuring out what you need to give away is to turn all your hangers backward. When you wear a garment turn the hanger around. A year later anything on a backward hanger can go.

9.        Give yourself grace. Organizing takes time and it is often difficult to do when you’re emotionally attached to your belongings.

10.    Don’t hesitate to call a friend or pro for support. 


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