Adding a Golden Glow

D.I.Y. Candlesticks are perfect indoors or out

There’s been a trend over the past few years to make our outdoor spaces an extension of family living and entertaining, especially when the weather turns warm. Simple patio chairs have been replaced with sectional lounge sets, and soft ambient lighting is all the rage. One mood enhancer that never seems to go out of style is candlelight. You’ll see these large-scale tiered candlesticks in all of the major boutique shops and trendy décor catalogs. The only difference with this DIY is the price tag. Customize the style to match that space where you want to add a little golden glow.



Wood furniture feet

Wood glue

Paint or stain

Clamps or something heavy

Vise grips or pliers


To start this project, all you need to do is visit your local hardware store and hit up the wood trim department. You’ll want to check out all the different sizes and styles of wood furniture feet. Prices range anywhere from $3 up to about $10. Since these accents are solid wood, it means you can easily choose a custom paint or stain finish. I decided to mix and match these pieces but chose elements with a similar design feel. These feet come with screws in the top but those are easily removed by taking vise grips or pliers and moving the screw back and forth until the screw is loose enough to be pulled out completely. Since the furniture legs weren’t as tall as I would like, I ended up gluing two together by putting a dime- to quarter-sized amount of wood glue on the ends and placing the ends together. When gluing is finished, quickly place a clamp on the pieces to allow the glue to properly adhere. Allow about 24 hours for drying.

To finish, paint or stain to match your décor. I used spray paint for one candlestick and milk paint for the second. Milk paint is easy to distress and I like the fact you can see the grain of the wood underneath if you choose. It does, however, require a wax finish to seal. When using spray paint, use quick stokes and protect the area around surrounding area from overspray.

You can’t beat the affordability and ease of these DIY candle sticks.  With warm weather here, these décor elements will surely set the stage for a tranquil and relaxing space to retreat with family and friends.

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