Is It Time To Clear the Air?

Creating the healthiest indoor environment at home

Nic Wackerly | Newman Restoration & Cleaning 

Home should be the place to relax and recharge. Having a healthy indoor environment is key to being comfortable at home. There are many steps for a homeowner to take to troubleshoot common problem areas which impact air quality. Team Newman and our mascot, Le-Squeegee, are here to offer some helpful advice.

Dust, allergens and microbial growth can proliferate inside any home. These factors negatively impact indoor air quality and can be irritants to homeowners. Managing and minimizing irritants is the key to having a comfortable and healthy home.

Le-Squeegee has made a helpful list of the areas that collect dust and allergens most frequently. 

  1. Carpets
  2. Drapes and blinds
  3. Couches and chairs
  4. Linens
  5. Cluttered spaces
  6. Hard surfaces - desks, countertops, wood and tile floors
  7. Pets

These areas can be maintained with regular cleaning, however calling in the professionals once a year can make a big difference! A quality professional carpet cleaning will reduce the number of irritants inside a home.

Carpet acts similar to a giant filter for the home. Dirt and dust are tracked in on shoes and pollen and allergens from the air settles on the carpet. A professional, quality carpet cleaning, like the one provided by Newman Restoration & Cleaning, uses multiple steps and methods to remove contaminants. The process is started with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtered vacuum and a CRB (counter rotating brush) to remove surface contaminants and pull debris from the base of the carpet. This is followed with a botanical detergent selected for the specific type of carpet and a hot water extraction rinse. After rinsing, the carpet is dried with air movers to ensure no musky odor is left behind.

“A yearly carpet cleaning improves the visual appearance and sanitizes carpet, which is something regular vacuuming misses,” says Andrew Newman, CEO of Newman Restoration & Cleaning.

 Along with maintaining clean carpet and floors, Team Newman and Le-Squeegee want you to be aware of the importance of proper air exchanges. One place we all know needs good air exchanges is the bathroom. They need to have proper ventilation, most often done with a bathroom ceiling fan. An operational and unobstructed bathroom fan will vent out humid air from showers and baths. If humid air is trapped in the bathroom, it can generate microbial growth. While not always harmful, microbial growth can cause irritation and be more dangerous to those with specific allergies. It is important to have a professional treat any type of microbial growth in a safe and thorough manner.

In addition to proper ventilation, opening windows can promote positive air exchanges in a home. However, it can also bring in allergens and dust. If windy weather conditions are kicking up dust, it is not a good day to have open windows. Along with fresh air exchanges, the air duct system of the home is another important factor in providing proper air circulation in a home.

If the filter for the duct system needs to be swapped frequently, it's time to consider a professional air duct cleaning. Dust and allergens build up and can line the walls of the duct system. They are constantly being circulated throughout the home. A professional duct cleaning, like the one provided by Newman Restoration & Cleaning will remove this dirt and debris from the entire system. It is important that all lines of the system are cleaned.

“At Newman Restoration, we recommend a professional air duct cleaning once every three years,” Newman said. “If you have pets that shed you may need cleanings even more frequently.”

Establishing and maintaining healthy indoor air is not the easiest of tasks, but with proper maintenance and a professional cleaning it can be achieved. If you like what you have heard from Team Newman and Le-Squeegee, you can check out our weekly blog on Facebook or at

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