Dear Britt, 

As an employer, I search resumes on the website Indeed for qualified candidates to fill my open roles. Usually, I find people who are currently employed, and if their resume is up to date, I reach out and start a conversation. Last week I came across the resume of my own long-time employee. What do I do? I’ve heard about “quiet quitting,” and my business will sink if people stick around but are disengaged.  

That’s an excellent question and the answer requires a bit of context. Let’s assume this person is a good employee or else she wouldn’t have been working for you for so long. I also imagine this person doesn’t complain much or you would already know her grievances. Given those assumptions, there is only one thing you can do: have a conversation.

But more importantly, you must start the dialogue while being open-minded, humble and curious. Above all, don’t get defensive, and ask lots of questions. Keep in mind, their active resume on Indeed may have nothing to do with you as an employer, or it might have everything to do with you, but wouldn’t you rather know? The best action is transparency. Start with: “Hey, you know we’re looking to hire some new people, and I came across your current resume on Indeed. I would love to hear what has you considering a change.” 

You can’t address what you’re not aware of, so truly listen, even if it’s difficult. Maybe they want more pay, a more flexible schedule, or new challenges. Maybe you’re a jerk to work for or they struggle with a colleague. Maybe there is nothing you can do to keep them happy. However, if you ask for their opinion on what the solution looks like, you might be surprised at what you can do. And if you come up with a compromise you might just have yourself a lifelong loyal employee who champions your company. Win-win. 

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Brittany Cooper is a relentless optimist and collector of beautiful moments. Her superpower is making others feel seen. She is a lifelong Montanan and relishes living in the Beartooths with her husband and daughters. Take a short quiz at to discover your leadership and influence style.

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