Shed Some Light

With Daylight Savings here, you'll be grabbing for the light switch a little more often. So, why not usher in some industrial style with this DIY Pulley Light crafted by our Repurposing Guru, Rachel Jennings.  The industrial look is hot in decorating right now, complementing all kinds of decorating styles. Industrial pulleys are all over the decorating magazines and replicas are found in decorating giants like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. They are beautiful just sitting on bookcases or in a collection hanging on walls. For the pulleys Rachel picked up, she decided let there be light!


1 large and 2 small pulleys - $20
25 feet rope - Free with the purchase of the pulleys
25 feet lamp cord - $10.00
Ceiling hooks -$5.00
Cord end/ plug - $5.00
Socket  - $5.00
Edison bulb - $10.00



Knot the rope and cord in a loose knot, keeping the ends together at your desired length. Set pulleys and the rope the way you want them to be hung. Starting with the pulley, which the bulb will be hanging from, wind the rope and the lamp cord around that pulley.  Taking off any cotter pins or c-pins in the center of pulleys, put them back on as you wind the cord and rope around them.  Take care not to lose any pieces. Depending on your pulley, only knot the rope to hook the pulley to, keeping it secure.  Continue to thread the lamp cord and rope through pulleys. Hang the ceiling pulley to the ceiling after threading it.  It is easier to see what you are doing with the help of gravity. Attach the wall pulley to the wall using another ceiling hook and run the rope and cord through it.  Secure the rope around the pulley, leaving the lamp cord long enough to plug into wall after attaching the plug. Plug it in and enjoy!

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