Empty Stockings 2023

Let's Make the Holidays Bright for Foster Kids! 

return unwrapped gifts labeled with the stocking # to one of our drop off locations below by December 21st! 

Right now, roughly 750 children are in the care of the state through foster care in Yellowstone County. When the holidays roll around, so does the fear that there won’t be one for them.  

“They are going through what is most likely one of the hardest things they will go through during their childhood,” says Jenn Webber, a child protection specialist supervisor with the Child and Family Services Division of the state health department. She knows that many of the children in care left their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs.  

“Sometimes, and it’s not always, when a child needs to be removed from their home due to unsafe circumstances, we don’t always have the opportunity to grab things that are needed or if we do, they are minimal,” Jenn says.   

Yellowstone Valley Woman is hoping to make the holidays bright for these children, and we need your help. We’ve gathered up the names and wishes from some of these children to help make sure there is a present with their name on it under the tree.  

“This program gives a child joy knowing that something was picked out specifically for them,” Jenn says.   

To sponsor a child this holiday, simply purchase the items in need and label the unwrapped gift with the child's name and stocking number listed below.  

For those who serve these children, there are often tears of gratitude by the time Christmas comes.  

“Honestly, I have no words,” Jenn says. “Every year there are tears. Between seeing the activity of gifts coming in or dropping them off with families or hearing the stories from community members who are part of the giving, it’s overpowering. There are always tears.”



  • Child & Family Services: 2525 Fourth Ave. N., Suite 309 
  • Iris Salon: 1579 Mullowney Lane  
  • Century 21 Hometown Brokers: 1605 Shiloh Rd. 
  • Boothill Inn: 242 E. Airport Rd. 
  • Meadowlark Brewing: 3970 Pierce Pkwy., Billings, MT 59106

PLEASE NOTE: If a stocking is marked PENDING, that means someone sponsored that stocking and their workers are waiting for the present to be dropped off. Once the present is fulfilled and dropped off, the item will be marked off our list as FILLED.


  1. When children are placed in kinship foster care the unexpected addition to a family can be expensive, and often the family needs immediate assistance to maintain the children in the home. Gift cards for groceries, diapers, formula, or gas to transport the children to appointments are greatly appreciated to help families in crisis situations.    
  2.  Sarah is a 17-year-old girl who is living in a supervised apartment getting ready to transition into living on her own. She has a part-time job and is also pursuing her GED. She needs a non-stick frying pan, some baking sheets, and some food storage containers. She would also like some food gift cards for places like Domino’s, Dairy Queen, Firehouse Subs or Jersey Mike’s so she can get food when she isn’t able to cook for herself. She would also like Target or Walmart gift cards to get clothing and essential toiletries. FILLED 
  3. Colter is a 13-year-old boy living in a group home. He loves anything to do with K-pop, anime or drawing. He also loves to collect Rainbow High fashion dolls, and to do his nails and make-up. He wears size 2X clothing, size 34x30” pants, and a size 10 in shoes.   FILLED
  4. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Crystal is a 16-year-old girl who wears a size large in shirts and a size 12 in jeans. She would really like some acrylic paints and canvases to paint on, a water bottle, a Polaroid camera and a brown hoodie. Jessica is a 13-year-old girl who wears a size 11 in pants and a size large in shirts. She’s interested in make-up and skincare and would really enjoy some false eyelashes, lip gloss and skincare products. Both girls would also like a fuzzy blanket and claw clips for their hair.    FILLED 
  5. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Twins Lucas and Tom are 17. They are finishing high school this year, and both have part-time jobs. They would both like a gift card to Scheels to be able to choose some athletic wear that they like. 5A Lucas wears 40x34” pants and 3XL shirts, and he likes anime. 5B. Tom wears 36x34” pants and XL shirts. They would also enjoy a pair of gaming headphones.  PENDING
  6. Andrew is an 8-year-old boy who wears size 8 in pants, kid’s medium shirts, and size 2 shoes. He greatly enjoys 100-piece puzzles, painting by numbers, Tonka toys (trucks and tractors), and Buzz Light Year and Woody action figures.FILLED
  7. Laney is an incredibly sweet 11-year-old girl who is living with a maternal cousin. She wears a women’s size medium in tops, women’s size medium in bottoms, and women’s size medium in winter gear. She enjoys crafts and reading. She would really like a Polaroid camera, a paint-by-number kit, and a crochet animal kit.   PENDING
  8. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Carly and Xavier are two spunky siblings placed together in a foster home. Carly is a 3-year-old girl who wears size 3T clothing and size 8 shoes. Xavier is nearly a 4-year-old boy, who wears size 4T clothing and size 10 shoes. He likes doing puzzles, playing with Hot Wheels, building and pretending that he’s fixing things with tools. Carly likes dolls and recently got Baby Annabelle for her birthday and would like different outfits and accessories for Baby Annabelle. They also both like doing arts and crafts. FILLED.
  9. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Alaina and Joshua are siblings placed with their maternal grandparents. They both need winter ski jackets. Joshua would like a black men’s extra-large coat, and Alaina would like a dark pink or white women’s large coat. Alaina likes to do her nails and would like a nice nail kit, and Josh would also like a pair of black Levi’s 505 men’s jeans size 36x34”.  JOSHUA PENDING, ALAINA FILLED.  
  10.  Carter is a 1-year-old boy who was just reunified with his birth mother. Carter is in size 4 shoes, size 18–24-month pants and shirts and size 6 diapers. He would love some new toy pots and pans, Lego building blocks and some trucks and cars.   PENDING
  11. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Cameron and Caleb are a sibling group who have been reunified with their mother. Cameron is 10 and is in size 10 pants, size 10 shirts and is a size 5½ in shoes. He would love a remote-control car or drone. Caleb is a 16-year-old teenager who is a size 31/32 in pants, size men’s large in shirts and size 10½ in men’s shoes. He would really enjoy a new black or blue sweatshirt/sweater for Christmas or some new wireless headphones. PENDING 
  12. Brandy is a 1-year-old girl who would enjoy a play tea set or some play kitchen toys. She is a size 4T in clothing and a size 6 in shoes. She absolutely loves stuffed animals and baby dolls. PENDING 
  13. Alexis is a 1-year-old girl who would love a baby doll stroller. She also would like some new hair rubber bands and bows and a Pendleton blanket. She wears a size 24 month to 2T in clothing. Her mother is asking for an alarm clock with a radio. FILLED  
  14. SIBLING GROUP OF THREE: 14A. Christine is a 12-year-old girl who loves to draw and would love some new paint brushes, a sketch pad, colored pencils and paint. She also would love some new makeup. She wears a women’s large, juniors’ size 7/8 pants and size 7½ in women shoes. Her sister 14B. Joanna is 9 years old and would love a new LOL Doll. She is also big into makeup and would love some new makeup brushes. Joanna wears a size 8/10 shirts and pants and is in size 3 shoes. Their brother 14C. Paul is 7 years old and would love some new cars and dinosaur toys. He would also enjoy a new train set. Paul wears a size 10/12 in shirts and pants and a size 3 in shoes. 14D. Their birth mother could really use a coffee card as she is going to college and could use the extra boost. She also would love some new yarn for her knitting.   CHRISTINE FILLED, ALL OTHERS PENDING
  15. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Tabitha is a 2-year-old girl who would love a new baby doll, baby doll stroller and baby carrier. She loves puzzles and balls as well. Tabitha wears a size 2T in clothing and size 7/8 in toddler shoes. Her brother David is 10 months old and would love some new cars and dinosaur toys. He also is big into music and loves drumming on his drum. David wears a size 2T in clothing and a size 6 toddler shoes. He also loves balls and puzzles like his sister. Their grandparents who are caring for them could really use a gift card for groceries.  FILLED 
  16. Kendra is a 2-month-old girl who would like some new clothing in a size 6 months and would love some interactive toys. She could also use some size 3 diapers and wipes. She’d love bath toys or new board books as well.  FILLED  
  17. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Sherry is a 6-month-old girl who loves cats and jumping in her jumper. She would really like some new clothing size 12-18 months and some size 4 diapers. She would also enjoy some interactive light-up toys and some bath toys. Her 2-year-old brother, Walker, loves dinosaurs, trains and Tonka Trucks. He would love some new books and puzzles and sensory toys. Walker is in size 2T in clothing and size 8 in toddler shoes.   PENDING 
  18. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Kathryn is a 10-year-old girl who would love art supplies and make up. She would also love a new LOL doll or baby doll. She loves to do nails and would love some new nail polish. She wears a size 14/16 in girl’s tops and bottoms and a size 5 in shoes. Issac is a 3-year-old little boy who loves cars, trucks, balls and dinosaurs. He is also into “Cocomelon” and the movie “Home.” He wears a size 4T in clothing and size 9 in toddler shoes.    FILLED 
  19. SIBLING GROUP OF THREE: Andrew is a 2-year-old boy who loves horses. He would really enjoy a new toy horse trailer or some cars/trucks. Andrew wears a size 6T in clothing, and a size 8 in shoes. Amy is an 11-year-old girl who would love a new pro scooter (neutral color) and a Lego set. Amy wears a size 12 slim in tops and bottoms and size 5 in shoes. Sam is a 13-year-old boy who would like a set of wireless headphones, and a twin bed frame. He wears a size small in men’s tops and size 32/24’ pants. He is a size 10 in men’s shoes. PENDING
  20.  SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Zari is a 4-year-old girl who has fun playing with makeup and accessories. She loves the movie “Frozen” (Elsa), coloring, and sensory toys. Zari is in size XS in kid’s clothing and a size 11 in toddler shoes. Taylor is 2-year-old little girl who enjoys Minnie Mouse, sunglasses and Play-Doh. She would love a new baby doll stroller or baby carrier. Taylor wears a size 3T in clothing and a size 6 in shoes.     PENDING
  21. SIBLING GROUP OF FOUR: Jamie is a 7-year-old girl who loves everything girlie — Barbie dolls, LOL dolls and OMG Dolls. She wears a size 8 in shirts, a size 10 in pants and a size 2 in shoes. Jessa is a 6-year-old girl who is obsessed with baby Yoda. She also enjoys Barbie dolls like her older sister. Jessa wears a size 6 in tops and bottoms and a size in 10 shoes. James is a 3-year-old boy who is in love with black panther and Hot Wheels. He also loves the movie ‘Cars.’ James wears a size 5T in shirts and pants and a size 10 in toddler shoes. Jace is a 2-year-old little boy who loves Spiderman and anything to do with Marvel comics. He enjoys playing with bouncy balls and other sensory toys. Jace wears a size 4T in clothing and a size 9 in toddler shoes. PENDING 
  22. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Bailey is a three-year-old girl who currently wears size 5T in both shirts and pants and size 11 in toddler shoes. Bailey loves to playhouse and dress up. Philip is a one-year-old boy who currently wears 2T in both shirts and pants and size 6 in toddler shoes. Philip likes sensory balls, shakers and building blocks.    PENDING 
  23. Roscoe is a 10-year-old boy who loves playing outside with his pup. He is an avid soccer player and loves to spend his down time on his Nintendo Switch. He wears a size 10-12 in clothes and a size 6 in shoes. He could use some winter gear for the colder months.  PENDING 
  24. Ridge is a 5-year-old boy with a mischievous glimmer. He loves to play outside and always has a ball in his hands. He was proud to show his CPS worker how fast he can ride on his bike. He wears a 5T in clothes and size 11 in shoes. He could use winter gear for the colder months.  PENDING 
  25. Dixie is a 3-year-old girl who is the boss of the house. She loves to play outside with her brothers and likes to watch Peppa Pig. She is a little mama and loves to play with baby dolls and girly things. She wears a 5T in clothes and a size 10 in toddler shoes.FILLED 
  26. Carter is an eight-month-old boy who currently wears size twelve months. Carter is an active and energetic little boy who is beginning to walk on his own. Carter has an undeniable love for trucks.   PENDING 
  27. Sarah is a 15-month-old girl who currently wears sizes 18 to 24 months in clothes and a size 4 in shoes. Sarah is beginning to develop her own personality and has become quite the daredevil when it comes to climbing various objects. Sarah loves to care for her baby dolls and enjoys playing with little people.    FILLED  
  28. Katie is a thirteen-year-old. She currently wears a women’s medium in both shirts and pants. Katie loves to wear hoodies even when it’s ninety degrees outside. Katie is a sports enthusiast and likes sports equipment. In her free time Katie can be found playing at the park with her friends. FILLED
  29. Cody is a 4-month-old boy who is currently rocking a lot of six-month clothing but is continuing to grow. Cody is a happy and smiley little boy. Cody has not begun teething but would like teething rings. Cody is also fond of stuffed animals.    FILLED 
  30. Timothy is a 9-month-old boy who is currently wearing size 12 months in both shirts and pants. Timothy has the most contagious smile and can light up the room. He likes sensory balls, shakers and building blocks and is alert and aware of his surroundings. PENDING
  31. Mackena is an 8-year-old girl living with her grandmother and grandfather. Mackena currently wears a size medium in girls. Mackena is active, energetic, and quite the personality. Mackena likes Squishmallows and enjoys arts and crafts in her free time. FILLED 
  32. Martin is an 11-year-old boy who presently resides at a residential treatment center. Martin currently wears a size 12 in both shirts and pants. Martin is curious and loves to learn new things. Martin likes to play with Legos and is fond of Harry Potter. FILLED 
  33. Nikki is an 8-year-old girl who currently wears size 10/12 in both shirts and pants. Nikki has a creative imagination and loves arts and crafts. Daizey is a three-year-old girl who currently wears size 4T in both shirts and pants. Daizey continues to develop her own personality and is outgoing. Daizey loves anything Disney princess related. Together as a family they enjoy playing board games and watching movies.  DAIZEY IS PENDING, NIKKI IS FILLED.  
  34. Alex is a 2-year-old girl living with her grandmother who hardly has enough money to keep the electricity on. Alex wears a size 5 pullup and 2T in clothes. She has plenty of shoes, but the family desperately needs pullups. Alex loves anything cartoon like, loves coloring, noisy toys, toys with songs, dolls, books, and anything pink. This little girl also loves her snacks, and she is not picky. FILLED 
  35. Leah is a 6-moth-old girl living with her grandmother on a fixed income. She is growing so fast that she’s been quickly growing out of her clothes. She wears a size 2-3 diaper and anywhere between sizes 6 month to 12 months in clothes. Leah has a healthy appetite and is always eating, so baby food or baby snacks would be appreciated. Leah loves teething toys, toys that have music or noises, and warm fuzzy blankets.    FILLED 
  36. David is an extremely sweet 8-year-old that has 2 former caregivers in the past year. He wears size 8 shoes, size 10/12 in pants, and size large in shirts. David prefers long socks, and his favorite colors are red and blue. His favorite books are the “I Survive” books and his favorite kind of treats are chocolate chip cookies. He is really wanting to get into sports and enjoys playing basketball, football and baseball.  PENDING
  37. Robert is a 5-month-old who wears 6-9 month clothing. Robert loves bouncing and jumping up and down and would really benefit from a baby jumper. He would also really benefit from having some toys that would help with his motor skills and some books to be read to him. Robert loves toys that light up, loves his bath time and loves painting. His current placement thinks Robert would love bathtub paints! FILLED 
  38. Rodriquo is a 13-year-old who wears a size men’s small in shirts and pants, size 10.5 in shoes, and prefers to wear clothes that are either red or green. He also prefers to not wear jeans. His favorite kind of chips are the Doritos Dinamitas. Rodriquo also loves gummy worms, gummy bears and Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies.  PENDING 
  39. Chris is a 17-year-old who has been separated from his 2 other brothers. Chris wears size tall, large shirts and pants. He enjoys playing video games on his phone and would benefit from having some straight talk prepaid phone cards. Chris is not a picky eater and enjoys snack foods and treats.  PENDING
  40. Damian is a 15-year-old currently living in a receiving home away from his 2 other brothers. He wears size 14 in shoes, size men’s medium in shirts and pants. Damian enjoys playing games on his phone and being in contact with his brothers. He would benefit from having a straight talk prepaid phone card. His favorite snacks are Takis: blue heat, Doritos: Dinamitas, gummy worms and gummy bears, and Chips Ahoy cookies FILLED 
  41. Greg is a 9-year-old boy who is extremely intelligent, creative, and sweet. He wears extra large/16 in clothes and size 5 in shoes. He prefers wearing clothes that are red and blue and really likes “fancy collared shirts." Greg loves to read books that have pictures in it and enjoys Mad Libs. He loves snacking and would benefit from healthy snacks like apple sauce, fruit snacks.  PENDING
  42. Jason is a 6-month-old who is growing so fast and is growing out of his clothes. He wears a size 2-3 diaper and anywhere between sizes 6 month to 12 months in clothes. Jason has a healthy appetite and is always eating, so baby food or baby snacks would be appreciated. Jason loves teething toys, toys that have music or noises, book, and warm fuzzy blankets. PENDING 
  43. Leonard is a three-year-old boy who wears size 3-4T in clothes and size 10 in toddler shoes. He loves dinosaurs, cars, Mickey Mouse, and his favorite thing now is Paw Patrol. Leonard would enjoy some books to be read to him and some snacks. Leonard also really likes ice cream so maybe a gift card to take him to get ice cream would cheer his spirits up!  FILLED 
  44. Lacey is a 16-year-old living with her mother and grandfather. She is extremely sweet, works very hard, and has been through some very traumatic times. She is not in need of clothes or shoes. She would benefit from pre-paid gift cards to help with food and really likes coffee (so coffee cards wouldn’t hurt). She could use a gift card to Target as that is where she enjoys shopping and enjoys treats like cookies but also tries to eat healthy.  FILLED. 
  45. Wendy is a 13-year-old who has had a very traumatic past but is extremely sweet and caring. She would benefit from pre-paid gift cards or gift cards to clothing stores. She would also appreciate gift cards to fast food restaurants as this is usually what she ends up eating most days for dinner. She also would like hamster balls for her hamsters to play in.  PENDING 
  46. Brittany is a 2-year-old who wears a size 3 pullup, 2T clothes and size 8 shoes. She loves anything cartoon like, loves coloring, noisy toys, toys with songs, dolls, books, and anything pink and princess themed. This little girl also loves eating and is not picky. She's living with a cousin who is struggling financially.  FILLED 
  47. 2-year-old Mikey wears a size 5 pullup and 2T clothes and size 10 in shoes. Mikey loves anything cartoon like, loves coloring, noisy toys, toys with songs, dolls, books, and anything blue. This little boy would benefit from teething snacks.  FILLED
  48. Allie is a 4-year-old girl who is excited about starting pre-school. She enjoys learning and playing with her younger siblings. She enjoys Play-Doh, coloring and arts and crafts. She wears size 4/5 in clothing and 8/9 in shoes. Socks are a need for Allie.FILLED
  49. Oakley is a 2-year-old girl placed with her siblings in her grandparents’ home. She enjoys playing with Little People, coloring and dress up. Socks are a need for Oakley. Oakley wears size 3 in clothing and 6/7 in shoes.   FILLED 
  50. Max is a 1-year-old boy currently living with his grandparents. Max is entertained by the antics of his older siblings. Max wears size 18 months in clothing, and grandma would like some more socks for him. Max enjoys interactive learning toys and soft stuffed animals and blankets.  FILLED 
  51. Abby is a 9-year-old girl living with her aunt. She loves playing board games especially Operation and Yeti in My Spaghetti. Abby would like a journal and likes to play with makeup. She wears size 8/9 in clothing and size 13 in shoes. Abby has been struggling in school with math and reading. Math and reading workbooks or other learning tools would be beneficial for Abby.  FILLED 
  52. Kendal is a 7-year-old girl living with her auntie. She enjoys playing with her older sibling and playing outside. Kendal loves playing with barbies and baby dolls. She wears a size 6/7 in clothing and size 12 in shoes. Reading to her sibling before bed has become a cherished routine. New reading material would be appreciated.  FILLED 
  53. Tabitha is a 16-year-old girl living in foster care. This year she asked for gray or black sweatpants and leggings, size medium. She also wants a size medium hoodie, fuzzy socks and eye lash extensions. She loves any chance to shop for her own clothes so she’s also asking for gift cards to old navy, American eagle or H&M.  FILLED 
  54. Nicole is a 17-year-old girl, about to turn 18. She has limited resources, so she is asking for fast food gift cards and gift cards to shop for her own clothes. She also likes size large hoodies, cozy socks and warm blankets.   FILLED
  55. Samantha is a 15-year-old girl who loves face masks, nail polish and asked for fun string lights for her bedroom. She asked for a CC hat and gloves and size 8.5 boots. She also loves treating herself and her sister to Starbucks so she asked for a coffee gift card. FILLED  
  56. Rebecca is a 4-year-old girl living with her grandparents. She wears size 5 pajamas, needs waterproof gloves, a warm hat and loves anything princess related. She likes age-appropriate craft projects as well.   FILLED 
  57. Misty is 14 and loves make up, hair products and nail polish. She wears size medium graphic t’s and hoodies and asked for a flannel shacket, size medium. She would also enjoy gift cards for fast food, or old navy so she can shop for her own clothes.  PENDING 
  58. Sam is a 9-month-old boy who was recently returned to his parent’s care. He wears size 12 month and needs warmer clothes, pajamas and age-appropriate toys. The family could also use a blanket and a baby bath set.  FILLED
  59. Christian is a 6-year-old boy currently in foster care. He loves dinosaur or paw patrol toys. The caregivers love reading to him so they would also be excited for any new age-appropriate books.  FILLED 
  60. Presley is a 5-year-old girl with spunk. She loves to play outside and recently befriended an orphan bunny in her back yard. She recently began soccer. She likes arts and crafts and enjoys playing with barbies. She is a size 7-8 in clothes and a size 2 in shoes.  FILLED
  61. Amy is a 13-year-old girl, who loves to paint. Her foster mom says she goes through art supplies as fast as she buys them. She would love acrylic paints and art supplies. She also loves to write in her journal and take pictures. She is an amazing singer and likes to share her music with her CPS caseworker. She is a size 14 (women’s) in pants and wears an adult large in shirts. She struggles to find jeans that fit and is not fond of V-neck shirts.  FILLED
  62. Tommy is a 12-year-old boy who loves riding his bike outside and playing baseball with the neighbor kids. He also loves Bob Ross. Painting is something that this kiddo loves, he has an artistic soul and his Pokémon card collection is his pride and joy.  He wears a size 14-16 in clothing and a size 6 shoe. He doesn’t like jeans with buttons and would prefer pants that have an elastic waist.  FILLED 
  63. Fiona is an 8-year-old girl with a take-charge personality. She loves playing with baby dolls and enjoys playing house with her foster siblings. Her foster mom reports that she likes being the mom so she can give orders to the younger siblings. She is also an artistic child who loves coloring and art things. She wears an 8-10 size for clothes and a size 1 in shoes.  PENDING 
  64. Lucy is 10-year-old girl with an interest in reading and learning. She always has a book in her hands and is infinitely curious. She also loves playing with Barbies and LOL dolls. She also carries a journal with her wherever she goes and is frequently doodling and adding pizazz to her journal. She wears a 14-16 in clothes and is a size 3 in shoes.  FILLED
  65. Farrah is a 5-year-old girl with a spicy personality. Her foster mom jokes and says she’s the boss of the home. Farrah loves to play with Legos and Hatchimals.  She wears a 7-8 in clothes and a size 13(little girls) in shoes.  PENDING 
  66. Lucas is an 8-year-old boy, who has a smile that will charm even the grumpiest of people. He loves to be outside riding his bike and was recently exposed to camping and outside adventures (he was hooked). His foster mom stated that he is very interested in soccer and loves puzzles and creating. He could use winter gear such as a hat, gloves and snowpants. Foster mom stated that he has a new coat and does not need one. He is a size 8-10 in clothing and 1 in shoes FILLED  
  67. Grace is a 9-year-old girl who charms everyone she meets. This little lady is so polite and sweet, all the people in her life report that she is loving and kind in all her interactions. Grace spends her free time playing with My Little Ponies, LOL Dolls, and stuffed animals. She also loves art and writing in her journal. Grace wears size 10-12 in clothes and wears a size 4 shoe.  PENDING
  68. Blake is a 1-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He has some deficits and is working hard in his occupational therapy to increase his strength. He was born a little early and is still catching up to his fellow babies. When his social worker asked him what he wanted in his stocking he just grinned. Blake could use some 18--month sized clothing, and toddler shoes size 4. Sensory toys for children with special needs are especially important for him as he is building his fine and gross motor skills.  FILLED
  69. Sarah is fun-loving, empathetic and independent 16-year-old girl. She is in a regular foster home, and she hopes to transition to independent living soon! Her placement has several kids in the home so income for Christmas presents is limited. Sarah is size 4 in pants, medium shirts/coats and size 6.5 shoe. She loves to hang out with her friends, be on her phone and she enjoys being creative with makeup, nails, hair etc. She enjoys clothes and beauty products.   PENDING 
  70. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Cara and Layla are a sibling set of two living with their aunt. Cara is 17 years old and a senior in high school and Layla is 12 and in the 8th grade. Cara wears a size 14 pants, medium-large shirt/coat and size 7 shoe. Cara has asked for air pods for Christmas as she is about to turn 18 and be out on her own. Layla’s pant size is 8/10, shirt size is medium and show size is 7. Layla loves to be creative with her hair, makeup/lases and nails. She enjoys doing her own beauty as well as her friends. Cara and Layla’s aunt took the girls in recently and they are on a tight budget. A gift card for Cara and Layla to be able to go out and have a nice dinner with their mom would probably be much appreciated.  PENDING 
  71. Beatrice is 7years old and wears tops and bottoms size 8, shoe size 14 and her brother Justin is 8 years old and wears tops and bottoms are size 8 and shoe size 15. Beatrice wants everything art related. And Justin wants a remote car.  FILLED  
  72. Xaiden 4-year-old male wears tops, and bottoms size 5t, shoes 11 or 12. Xaiden likes everything tool related, tool sets, Legos, puzzles, books, and could use kids bed sheets. PENDING   
  73. SIBLING GROUP OF FIVE: Siblings group of five children. Currently, the two older boys, Nick (8) and John (7) are together in a foster home. Jack (6) is not placed with any of his siblings in a foster home. Joe (5) and Abbie (3) are together in another foster home. Unfortunately, they cannot be placed together and all five of them rarely get to see each other. Abbie is a size 4-5 in clothes and a size 8 in shoes. Abbie loves playing with dolls, stuffed animals, and play kitchen toys. Joe is a size 5-6 in clothes and a size 10 in shoes. Joe loves playing with Lincoln Logs, building blocks, and toy cars. Jack is a size 6-7 in clothes and a size 12 in shoes. Jack loves reading, anything Spiderman, and would love a Hot Wheels racetrack. John is a size 7-8 in clothes and a size 13 in shoes. John is great at puzzles and mazes. John loves to draw and play with Play-Doh. Nick is a size 8-9 in clothes and a size 2 is shoes. Nick likes playing with Legos and Magna-Tiles. Nick is great at puzzles and building things. Foster parents have not asked for any assistance in providing for the children. A gift card to Get Air would be a great gift for all foster parents so all the children can see each other.  PENDING
  74. Lizzie 9-year-old. She loves any crafts and board games. She wears 8/10 clothes and 4 shoe.  FILLED.
  75. Lindsey 5 years old. She loves Frozen and Elsa, any crafts, and Barbies. She wears 5/6 clothes and 12 shoes.  FILLED
  76. Brandy 9 months old. She is learning to be more mobile and attempting to walk. She would like interactive toys and ones to help her learn to walk. She wears 12/18-month clothes.  FILLED
  77. Chance 16-year-old male. He likes video games, basketball and football. He could use gift cards for lunches with friends. He wears adult medium tops and 32” pants  FILLED
  78. Matt is 11 years old. He enjoys video games- mine craft, fort night, roblox. He wears 10/12 clothes and 4 shoes.  PENDING
  79. Braden is 2 years old. He enjoys trucks, cars, and Paw Patrol. He also enjoys books. He wears a 3/4t and 10 shoe.  FILLED 
  80. Donovan is 15 years old. He enjoys basketball and the Denver Broncos. He needs shoes and wears a 12 in men’s. He wears adult large tops.  FILLED 
  81. Lacey is 5 years old. She enjoys My Little Pony and Barbies. She wears 5/6 clothes and 11 shoe.  PENDING 
  82. Wes is 8 years old. He enjoys Minecraft, fortnight, roblox, Legos, and DogMan books. He wears a 10/12 in clothes and 4 in shoe  FILLED
  83. Zoey is a 1.5-year-old little girl in size 2T clothing and size 5/6 toddler shoe. She is learning to explore and climbs on everything, loves reading, “warmie” stuffed animals and sensory toys. Zoey lives with her grandmother who loves canning and could use canning supplies, kitchen pots and oven mitts.   FILLED
  84. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Ivy and Izzy are 10- and 14-year-old sisters who have big hearts for sports and all things outdoors. Ivy is size 10/12 shoe size 3 and soccer, science projects, slime, and hair/makeup. Her sister Izzy is size 8 women’s or size large t-shirts and large sweats, and size 9 shoe. Izzy likes candles, wrestling, hanging out with friends, makeup/hair, and could use gift cards Amazon/Walmart/AMC movies/Scheels.  FILLED 
  85. Wiley is a 3-year-old boy who loves to explore, play with dinosaurs and anything with cars, dump trucks or excavators. He is fearless and loves toy guns, nerf guns and light up shoes. He wears a size 4T and needs size 8/9 shoes, boots, and wants a pair of slippers. His caregiver, auntie, loves the Denver Broncos and could use size XL t-shirts and sweatpants.  FILLED  
  86. Collin is a 17-year-old boy with lots of interests in “quirky” things like scary movies, Jurassic World, LEGO, and anything that is funny. He does have autism and most things will make him happy – especially sensory toys. He really likes the Seattle Seahawks. He would also like the whole Transformers movie collection. Collin wears size LG clothing and shoe size 8 MENS. He could use some PJ Pants, Slippers, Tennis Shoes, Hoodies and Baseball Caps.   FILLED 
  87. SIBLING GROUP OF THREE: Scotty, 14 years old, Beau, 2 years old and Brooklyn 4 years old, are three siblings together in foster care. Scotty would like some LED lights for his room and gift cards. He wears men’s extra-large clothing and shoe size 12. He loves Carhartt, black and sweats. Beau is going to be in size 3T and wears shoes size 6. He loves noise toys, Bluey, Spiderman, books and playing with sensory bins. Brooklyn loves unicorns and barbies and wears size 5T, shoes size 10. Foster parents are selfless and have their hands full. They could use a date night out for dinner.  FILLED 
  88. Tia is a 17-year-old girl who is now living on her own. She could use personal hygiene things (shampoo, conditioner, razors, body wash), and would like a “DIP nail kit,” candles, and self-care products. She could benefit from large bathroom towels (white).  FILLED 
  89. Colt is 14 years old and loves to play video games and work on vehicles and his four-wheeler He is a men’s size XL and 12 shoe. He could use some sweatshirts size XL or XXL, and an emergency car kit or toolset.  FILLED  
  90. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Rowdy, 6 years old, and Rylee 7 years old, are two siblings living with their grandmother. Rowdy wears a size 7/8 and shoe size 1. He could use some brain games and an art kit. Rylee is a size 7/8 and shoe size 2. She loves to play with hair, makeup and is working on improving her reading skills. They could use some toys to play with together outside, and grandma spends lots of time in the kitchen and could use any kitchen gadgets or a self-care break.   PENDING
  91. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Emi, 12 years old and her sister Daisy, 11 years old, live in foster care together. They both love to play outside and get into trouble together while exploring for animals, bugs and playing in the mud. Emi wears women’s size 10.5 shoe and 14/16 girls or women’s medium clothing. Daisy wears women’s size 7 shoe and size 10/12 girls or small women. The girls love to do activities together outside, do “spa days’” at home, draw and paint, and sing karaoke. They could use some “preteen” personal care items like deodorant, body wash, perfume, hairbrush, etc. Foster parents are not asking for anything but would love gift card to Shipton’s. FILLED  
  92. Kyler is a 16-year-old boy who enjoys playing video games, music, drawing, and painting. He would like wireless headphones or earbuds and Bluetooth speaker. He would also like a lava lamp. He needs new shoes size 13 men’s and men’s XL clothing, sweatpants preferably. Needs boxer briefs, 6-inch inseam FILLED 
  93. Quinn is a 14-year-old boy who is becoming active in sports and is needing some athletic shorts and tops size small men’s, shoe size 9 men’s. He is needing a facial hair shaving kit, and would like any grooming extra’s (shaving cream, clippers, oil, tweezers, scissors, etc.). He would like a basketball and a large hydro flask water bottle with “funny stickers.” FILLED 
  94. Natalie, 17 years old and James, 16 years old, are two siblings in care together. Natalie would like women’s size clothing medium, (darker color, sweats, comfy clothing, fuzzy socks) shoe size 9. She would like nice slippers, hair scrunchies, and “salon shampoo / conditioner.” James loves to work out and would like workout clothing size XL. He likes “snap back” baseball caps and likes the New York Yankees. James likes basketball and music. Both teens would like gift cards for clothing stores or food. Foster family has not asked for anything but could use gift cards for family dinner or home improvement.  FILLED 
  95. Addie is a 2-year-old in size 3T and shoe size 6 who loves animals, taking baths, princesses, and Bluey. 95B. Taya just turned 1 and is learning how to walk. She is in size 18 month and shoe size 2 or 3. She loves blocks, bouncing, dancing, and any toys that she can make music with. 95C Foster mom is needing some new king size bedding and pillows, and kitchen silverware.  FILLED 
  96. SIBLING GROUP OF THREE: Amaya, 7-year-old, size 7/8, shoe size 12, Asher 1 year old, size 2T, shoe size 3, and Andy, 4 months old, size 9mos, needs socks, are three siblings in care together with their grandmother. Amaya loves LOL dolls, gum and candy, painting her nails, and anything related to fashion. Asher and Andy could use sound toys and any stationary activity sets. Grandma would like a smaller vacuum that is lightweight.  FILLED 
  97. Austin is a 9-year-old boy in size 10/12 and shoe size 3. He loves battle games, paintballing, basketball, ninja turtles and Minecraft. He would like some shoes and some baseball caps and beanies. His grandparents have not asked for anything but could use a gift card out for dinner.   FILLED 
  98. Kia is a 15-year-old girl who would love hair products, a straightening iron, felt tip markers for drawing, and a gift card to Target.  FILLED 
  99. SIBLING GROUP OF THREE: David is a 3-year-old boy placed in regular foster care. He wears a size 4t is clothes. He enjoys monster trucks and trains. His favorite character is Blayze and the Monster Machines. Ian and Morgan are brothers placed in a regular foster home. Ian is 5 years old and wears size 5T clothes and size 11 shoes. He is obsessed with Paw Patrol and loves to play with all the characters. His little brother Morgan is 1 year old and wears 2T clothes and size 5 toddler shoes, he enjoys playing with his brother, blocks, and dinosaurs.  FILLED
  100. SIBLING GROUP OF THREE: Ben, John, and Carrie are placed together in regular foster care. John is a 3-year-old male who wears size 4T clothes. He enjoys playing outside with balls or digging. He enjoys all sorts of toys and coloring. Ben and Carrie are 18-month-old twins. Both wear size 18-month clothes. Ben enjoys playing with trucks and balls as well as digging in the dirt. Carrie is delayed and still enjoys infant toys that are easy to hold and fun to look at.  PENDING
  101. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Robin and Paul are a set of siblings placed in regular foster care. Robin is a 6-year-old girl who loves dresses and glittery shoes. She wears a size 6/7 in clothes. She enjoys reading books, coloring, and stickers. Her brother Paul is a 3-year-old boy. He wears size 4T/5T clothes. Paul enjoys reading books, Mickey, dinosaurs, and  stickers.  PENDING 
  102. Amanda is a 13-year-old girl placed in foster care with her grandfather. Amanda wears a size medium/large in clothing. She enjoys make-up and painting her nails. She also enjoys arts and crafts and gift cards to go shopping with her friends.  PENDING
  103. Glen is a 2-year-old boy placed in foster care with his grandparents. He is all boy and likes to play with balls, cars, and trucks. He loves Disney characters, especially Mickey. He wears a size 3T in clothes and size 5 children’s shoe FILLED
  104. Zain is a 14-year-old male currently placed in a group home setting. He wears a size large shirt and pant and 10 ½ shoe. He especially loves gift cards for Taco Bell and Target. He enjoys collecting Pokémon cards and Pokémon stuffed animals.  PENDING
  105. Harry is a 2-year-old boy placed in foster care with his cousin. He wears a size 2T/3T in clothing. He loves playing with balls and reading books.  FILLED
  106. Leo is a 3-year-old boy placed in foster care with his grandmother. Leo wears a size 3T/4T in clothes. He is obsessed with anything involving dinosaurs!  FILLED 
  107. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Jay and Hope are a sibling group placed together with their aunt and uncle. Jay is 2-year-old boy who wears a size 2T/3T in clothing. He enjoys coloring, superheroes, and playing outside. Hope is an 8-month-old girl who wears 9–12-month clothing. She enjoys playing with anything she can hold onto!  PENDING 
  108. Shaun is a 9-year-old girl that wears size 7/8 clothing and size 2 shoe. She enjoys skincare, make-up, fake nails, and painting her nails. She also really enjoys reading all types of books. FILLED  
  109. Richard is a 7-year-old boy that wears a size medium shirt and pants and size 2 shoe. He enjoys dressing up as a superhero, playing soccer, catching bugs, and building.  PENDING 
  110. Aubrey is a 5-year-old girl. She wears size 6x clothes and 12 shoes. She loves playing with baby dolls and baby dolls clothes/accessories. She loves play makeup and play kitchens and food.  FILLED 
  111. Kade is a 1-year-old boy. He wears size 18 months clothes and size 4 shoes. He loves any toys that light up and noise. He loves cars that he can push around.  FILLED
  112. Patty is a 2.5-year-old girl was recently reunited with her mother. They just recently got into their own place and her mom could really use some help with size 3T clothes and size 7/8 shoes. Patty loves sensory toys, kinetic sand, counting toys, and squish mellows.   PENDING 
  113. Lisa is a 5-year-old girl who is currently living with her grandparents who are on a limited income. She wears size 5T clothes and size 10 shoes. Lisa could really use some winter hats and gloves. Lisa loves kittens, puppies, and anything Frozen.  FILLED  
  114. Ezra is a 2-year-old boy currently placed in a foster home. He wears size 2T clothes and size 8 shoes. Ezra loves toys that make noises and any kid of basketball, football, or soccer ball he can kick or throw around. FILLED 
  115. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Gage is a 2-year-old boy and Luke is a 9-month-old boy. Both were recently reunited with their mother. Gage wears a size 3T clothes and 8C shoes while Luke wears 12 months clothes and 4C shoes. Gage enjoys trucks, dinosaurs and Coco Melon and Luke loves anything that lights up. Their mother could really use some help with gas to help get them to and from appointments.  FILLED
  116. Aaron is a 1-year-old boy who was recently reunited with his mother and father. They are both working hard trying to get caught up on bills and attending treatment. They could use some help with some 12-18 months clothes, 4C shoes and Aaron loves cars, trucks and firetrucks that make noise.  PENDING 
  117. Jesse is a 2-year-old boy who is currently placed with his auntie here in Billings. She could really use some help getting him some 2T clothes and size 5 shoes. Jesse loves airplanes and any sort of balls he can bounce or throw.   PENDING
  118. Gage is a 3-year-old boy who loves Spiderman, Hot Wheels, counting and shapes. He wears a size 3T clothes and 7 shoes. Gage lives with his grandmother full time. Grandma has not asked for anything but cannot currently work due to disability and would greatly appreciate any help to Wal-Mart and Target or maybe a gift card for dinner out one night.  FILLED
  119. Natalie is a 7-year-old girl who was recently reunited with her mother and wears a size 7/8 clothes and size 1 in shoes. She loves princess and anything purple or pink.  PENDING
  120. Nolan is a 5-year-old boy who was recently reunited with his mother and wears a size 5T and size 10 shoes. He loves sonic, spiderman and the color red.   PENDING 
  121. Jake is a 10-month-old baby. He wears a size 12-month clothes and 4-5 shoes. He loves any light up toys or things that make noise.   PENDING 
  122. Gage is a 15-year-old boy. Gage wears a size S or M in men’s and size 12 shoes. He loves Nike, basketball, football, and shopping at Scheels when he has extra money. He would also love to be able to eat fast food during his lunch break with friends from time to time. PENDING   
  123. Gage has a sister Bailey who is a 13-year-old girl. She wears a size S in women’s and a size 9.5 shoes. She loves Pink, doing her hair and nails, basketball and hanging out with friends. She loves shopping at Ross and Scheels.  PENDING 
  124. Mariya is a 5-year-old girl who wears a size 8 in shorts and pants and size 12 shoes. She currently loves pink, purple, barbies and unicorns.   FILLED  
  125. Danny is a 7-year-old boy who is in a size 10/12 and size 2 shoes. He loves action figures and stretchy toys.   PENDING 
  126. Dane is a 13-year-old boy who wears size M in men’s shirts and 30 in men’s pants. Dane loves skateboarding and loves shopping at Zumiez and Scheels.   FILLED 
  127. Kayla is a 15-year-old female. She prefers to wear a men’s size Med shorts and men’s 32 pants. She loves art, music, and body sprays. Kayla loves shopping at Scheel’s, Bath and Body Works.   FILLED 
  128. Jessi is a 14-year-old female who wears size 14/16 clothes and size 4.5 shoes. She loves shopping at Ross and T.J Maxx. She enjoys singing, painting her nails and hanging out with friends.   PENDING
  129. Jake is a 12-year-old who wears a size 14/16 and a size 4 shoes. He loves shopping at Wal-Mart and Scheels. He enjoys video games, flying drones and driving r/c cars.  PENDING 
  130. Jennifer is a 10-year-old female who wears a size 14/16 clothes and size 4 shoes. She loves all art supplies, drawing, and shopping at Hobby Lobby. FILLED     
  131. Sierra is a 2-year-old female who wears a size 3T clothing and size 8C shoes. She loves unicorns, light up toys and things that make noise. She loves to color and loves stuffed animals. PENDING 
  132. Lainey is a 9-year-old girl who wears a size 12/14 youth and size 4 shoes. She loves Barbies and mini brands. She loves pink and helping take care of her little brother. FILLED 
  133. Keith is a 9-year-old male who wears a size 10 youth and 3 shoes. He enjoys playing with Lanky boxes, Pokémon and Minecraft PENDING 
  134. Toby is a 4-year-old boy who wears size 5T clothes and 9T shoes. He loves Cocomelon, counting and singing his alphabet.  FILLED 
  135. Jake is living with his grandparents, and they didn’t plan on raising another child so close to retirement. Jake is 11 years old, and he is a handful. He is in a size 12 shirt and pants and a 12 in coat as well. He wears a size 4 in boy’s shoes. He would like a football. He also likes cars and Legos. Child is very inquisitive. He loves school and he likes to learn how things work. Grandparents aren’t in need of anything, but they would like to have a date night so a gift card for anywhere they could spend time together would also be appreciated since alone time is very limited.  FILLED
  136. Natalie is living with her grandparents, and they are on a fixed income. Natalie is 14 yrs. old, and she wears a size 7.5 in shoes. She is also in a junior’s size 2 in pants. She wears a ladies small in shirts and a small or medium coat. She likes electronics, jewelry, or makeup. Likes most colors but not pink  FILLED
  137. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Carrie and Casey are siblings aged 10 and 11 who have been placed together. Casey is a 10-year-old girl who wears a shoe size of 8.5 in women's, women's XL in jackets, women's large in shirts, and size 16-18 in girls' clothing. Casey needs winter clothing, including thermals, snow gloves, snow boots, snow jackets, warm pants suitable for snow, sweaters, and layers. Casey is also looking for pajamas and would appreciate a cozy robe or a fox-themed blanket. Both girls have asked for a scooter. Casey has a passion for art and has a particular fondness for stickers featuring autumn themes, foxes, and woodland animals. Nail polish in shades of red, pink, and purple is another favorite of Casey's. She also enjoys squish mellows, dragon toys, sensory toys, and fun socks. Carrie is an 11-year-old girl who wears a shoe size of 10.5 in women's, women's XXL in jackets and shirts, and XL pants. Like Casey, Carrie also requires winter clothing, such as thermals, snow gloves, snow boots, snow jackets, warm snow-appropriate pants, sweaters, and layers. Additionally, Carrie needs pajamas. Carrie shares Casey’s enthusiasm for art and stickers. She has a specific request for Starbucks or City Brew gift cards. Carrie is also a fan of Squish mellows, TY stuffed animals, nail polish in non-traditional colors like blues, greens, and purples, and fun socks. Furthermore, Casey has expressed a strong interest in receiving a guitar as a gift.  PENDING
  138. SIBLING GROUP OF FIVE: Amy is a 4-year-old girl. She wears a toddler size 10 shoe, and 5T clothes. She needs gloves, hats, underwear, and socks. Amy likes anything colorful and rainbows. She loves her play kitchen and is getting into puzzles. She loves the Bingo dog from the tv show- Bluey. Amy is involved in dance and would like dance outfits. She is doing tap dance and jazz, so she needs leotards and skirts. The family has a surplus of toys, so they are requesting family activities like passes to the reef or trampoline park. The whole family also loves to do melty beads together. Vincent is a 5-year-old boy. He wears a size 13 in boys’ shoes, and an X-small or size 4-5 in clothes. He needs snow pants, gloves, hats, and socks. Vincent is obsessed with police cars, construction vehicles, puzzles, and memory games. Vincent would like anything car related. Barry is an 8-year-old male. He weas a size 2 in kid’s shoes, and an 8 in clothes. Barry needs a new winter coat, snow pants, hat, gloves. Barry loves sports. He needs a leather baseball glove and size 3 baseball cleats. Barry loves his Nintendo switch and asks for the new Zelda game. He also asked for a hoverboard and a basketball hoop. Barry and his older sister are also spending a lot of their time doing rainbow loom crafts. James is a 6-year-old male. He wears a size 1 in boys’ shoes, and a 6-7 or small in clothes. He also needs a winter coat, snowpants, a hat, gloves, and underwear. James loves soccer. He needs soccer cleats (size 2) and would love a set of soccer goals for the backyard. He also asked for a new scooter and an RC car. Alina is a 9-year-old girl. She wears a size 3 in shoes and size 10-12 or large in girls’ clothing. Her pants would be a size 10. She needs socks, underwear, a winter coat, hat, and gloves. Alina asked for a Magic Mixy, Heelys, craft items, and hoverboard. She is really into crafts and jewelry; she would love pastels or clay. She is also in gymnastics right now and would love some leotards.  PENDING 
  139. Ava is a 10-month-old female. She wears a size 3 in baby shoes and size 12 months for clothing. She needs snowpants and gloves. Ava would love some books and learning toys.  FILLED 
  140. Darren is a 7-year-old male. He wears shoe size 1 in boys and 7-8 in boys’ clothes. Darren needs gloves and a hat. Darren loves Hot Wheels, 3D woods models that he can build, and learning toys. Darren is really enjoying building things right now and would love anything he can do as a project.  PENDING
  141. Ben is a 12-year-old male. He wears a 13 in men’s shoes, and an XXL in clothes. Ben does not need any clothes currently. He requested purple crocs, x box gift cards and Scheels gift cards. Ben loves sports. He particularly likes the Dallas Cowboys, the Dodgers, and the Lakers. He would also love anything that has to do this his favorite sports teams.  
  142. Madeline is a 9-month-old female. She wears a baby’s size 3 in shoes and will be in 9-12 clothing. Madeline needs pacifiers, a walker, jumper, and blankets. Madeline would also love toys that light up/make sounds and some bath toys.  PENDING
  143. Nico is an 8-year-old boy. He wears a shoe size 1, and 7 in clothing. Nico would like a bike, calendar, and a watch. Nico loves Roblox, trains, math, and thunderstorms.  
  144. Alicia is a 10-year-old female. She does not need any clothes currently. When asked about her Christmas list, she said a phone, GABB Watch, march birthstone jewelry. Alicia plays the clarinet and could use a music stand to practice. She also loves art, coloring, and purple nail polish. PENDING 
  145. Zach is a 5-month-old male. He wears a clothing size of 6-12 months. He needs teething toys, pacifiers, blankets, 0–3-month-old bottles. He also would like sensory toys and bath soap.  PENDING 
  146. Valerie is a 2-year-old female. She wears a size 7 in toddler’s shoes, and 3T in clothing. She could use winter boots, winter clothing, and hair stuff. Valerie likes coloring, books, Batman (or anything with a cape), bath toys, and educational toys.  PENDING
  147. Jared is a 12-year-old boy. He wears size 10 in men’s shoes. Jared particularly likes comfortable running-type shoes. Jared wears size 16 in clothing and size 16 slim in pants. He asked for a Pro controller for his Nintendo Switch, and a onesie (size 18/20). Jared also would like Hersey’s chocolate, mittens, winter hats and underwear (Reebok shorts).  PENDING 
  148. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Allie is a two-year-old female. She wears size 2T and is in huge need of winter clothing. Shaylee is a 1-year-old female. She also in huge need of winter clothing. She wears a size 12 months. Both girls love books and age-appropriate toys that are not too noisy.  PENDING
  149. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO. Aron is a 9-year-old boy who is into Mario from Nintendo. The family is trying to get him up to speed with reading and writing. The family would like learning activities. Natalie is 6-year-old female. Both children love to draw and do art.  PENDING  
  150. SIBLING GROUP OF THREE. Rayce is a 12-year-old boy. He wears size large or 14. He likes sweats instead of jeans. He is really into art, music (the family has a shared record player), video games, and fishing. His Christmas wish is a Nintendo switch. Rylan is a 11-year-old boy. He also wears size large or 14. A size 12-14 in pants. Rylan also likes sweats over any jeans. He likes art, music, basketball, football, and video games. His Christmas wish is a Nintendo switch. Katy is a 7-year-old female. Katy wears a size 12 in girls’ shoes, size 8 in shirts, and size 7 in pants. She likes swimming, boating, video games, gymnastics, art, music, and making potions. Her Christmas wishes are a realistic baby doll with clothes to change her, anything for gymnastics, science kits, and other fun things.  PENDING 
  151. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO. The parents of these siblings worked hard to be reunited with their children after just a short period of time. Both children could use some clothing and GB wears size 2-3 T and TB wears size 24 m to 2T. TB loves mini mouse and other toys for her age that make noise and light up. GB loves Paw Patrol, Buzz Light Year, and Monster Trucks. Parents did not ask for anything but I know mom would love a trip to the salon to get hair done or even a pedicure. Dad is good at fixing things around the house and I know he would love a gift card from Home Depot or Lowes. Both parents would also be grateful for a nice dinner for a date night.  PENDING
  152. Casey  is a 7-year-old boy with special needs who is functioning at a 3 to 4-year-old level, his mother is asking for a sensory bin or two for him homemade or bought, some craft stores have sensory kit bin’s they sell. If that is a tough ask, no worries! He also loves musical toys, and anything soft, plushy, or crinkly, or sensory related. He wears size 1½-2 in boy shoes, winter type shoes are preferred, he is a size 7-8 in boy’s clothes.  PENDING
  153. Mom of a special needs child is struggling to make ends meet. Mary didn't ask for anything for herself but would appreciate any cleaning supplies such as baby wipes and cleaning wipes and or Swiffer type pre-wet wipes. A gift card to buy some basics for herself would be nice as well FILLED  
  154. Mya is a 10-year- old girl in need of bedding for a twin sized bed. . Mya likes all things skateboarding and Squishmallows, bright colors, “but not too girly”. Anything would work and a pillow would be appreciated.  PENDING 
  155. Charlie is a 9-year-old boy who is in need of a twin bedding set. He likes the video game Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft. A basic boy pattern would be ok, and a pillow would be appreciated too.  PENDING 
  156. 7-year-old Benson would love a new bedding set for his twin bed. He is into cars and video games like Minecraft and Roblox. He likes Star Wars too, but is not picky. He is just excited to have bedding of his own. He would appreciate a pillow too.  FILLED
  157. Isabella is a 3-month old girl who wears a size 3-6 month. She could use some winter clothing to stay warm and some books for her dad to read to her.  PENDING
  158. Maria is a 2-year-old girl who wears a size 3T-4T. She could use some winter clothing to stay warm, some books and possibly a learning toy of some type. PENDING
  159. A newly single dad of three girls, John, is struggling to get by. Food and/or grocery gift cards would help the most so he can get the basics in the household to bring a little cheer for the holidays. FILLED
  160. Kimberly is 7 years old, she could use a winter jacket, and size 1 winter boots, something that is not white and is durable since she is highly active. She likes to read books she is reading like an end of year kindergarten kiddo would. She is ok with unicorns and she likes funny stories.  PENDING
  161. Elijah is 10 and likes to act like a tough guy. His style is solid colors. He likes plants, such as indoor vegetables, hot peppers, and herb growing kits. He would like fast-food gift cards, shoes size 6 1/2 Nike Air Jordan or something like that if Nike it is not an option, that is ok with him. He is a large in boys clothing, and he really wants a pair of Eyeflashes, LED glasses they run about $29.97 on Amazon, a used pair can be bought for less.   PENDING 
  162. Steven is a very active boy and is in size 2T-3T. One or two cozy winter outfits are needed. Steven loves big trucks and construction type equipment in addition to sturdy cardboard books.  FILLED 
  163. Charlette a single mom of 4 kids did not want to ask for anything for herself, a gift card to Walmart for some groceries and basics for the kids would be a big help for her.  PENDING
  164. Single dad, Carter, is working hard to better himself at college and he works full time. His son Nathan is 12 years old he loves everything cars and racing, he is more into Ford’s and Chevys than Dodge he, likes to shoot hoops and throw a football around, wears an XL in Boys clothing and size 7 in shoes, his favorite sports team is the Broncos. Nathan did not want anything for himself, but he did say a fishing pole would be nice, he likes going fishing with his dad when he has time. Most of all Carter’s son wants to get his dad some money since he works and does school all the time.  PENDING 
  165. 7-year-old Jayden wears a size 8 in boy’s clothes and size 1 ½ -2 in shoes. Jayden loves camping and fishing and playing basketball for fun. He wants a warm hoodie sweatshirt and a new basketball.  PENDING 
  166. Heidi is a 17-year-old girl who loves to read Anime. She is starting to save up for her own place so could use some basic things like a twin comforter, sheets, and pillows. She also loves to draw and color in spare time and could use some art supplies. Heidi also enjoys spending time outdoors so any outdoor gear- she is an XL in women.  FILLED 
  167. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Judy is a 7-year-old girl who is all about the sass and sparkle of life. She needs size 7/8 girl clothes and size 2 shoes. She loves to do hair and dress-up. Donna is an 8-year-old girl who loves to read. She needs size 10/12 clothing and size 2 shoes. She loves to play outside. Both enjoy playing board games and watching movies with their parents. They could use two twin comforters; sheets sets and pillows for their new room. PENDING 
  168. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: Anthony is a 9-year-old who could use some size 8 boy clothes. He loves Legos, Pokémon, drawing, baseball, and football. Rebecca is a 7-year-old girl who could use size 10 girl’s clothes. She is into girl Lego’s, barbies, and babies.  PENDING 
  169. SIBLING GROUP OF FOUR: Jason is a 3-year-old boy who loves paw patrol and spider-man. He needs 5T clothing and pajamas. Addison is a 2-year-old girl who loves Minnie mouse and babies. She needs 3T clothing and pajamas. Hadley is a 16-month-old girl who loves babies and hand on toys. She needs 24month-2T clothing and pajamas. The 3 young children could use some learning toys that are hands on and books. Paul is a 9-year-old boy who loves baseball. He could use a new mitt and helmet. He loves Legos of any kind, remote control cars. He could use some new shoes size 6 and sweatshirts size 10/12. He really wants a big soft blanket.  PENDING
  170. Wyatt is a 2-year-old boy who loves learning. He could use more hand on toys for learning. He also loves dinosaurs and playing in the dirt. He is very active and could use a strider balance bike.  FILLED 
  171. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: James is a 6-year-old boy who loves anything to do with dirt bikes and racing. He is in size 12 youth shoes and wears size 7/8 clothes. His sister Carli is 4 and she wears a size 5 in clothes and 11 in youth shoes. She loves to dress up with her long hair like Rapunzel. Grandparents haven’t asked for anything but it would be great to provide them with a night out to dinner without the kids!  PENDING
  172. 12-year-old Sarah loves anything a preteen girl would, makeup, hair tools and accessories. She is wearing a size 8 shoe and in size small teens clothes. Parents are separated but doing an amazing job co-parenting and putting their daughter first. They have often put their own needs aside to provide for her and make sure she doesn’t feel the stress of the separation.  PENDING
  173. SIBLING GROUP OF TWO: 14-year-old Carissa loves to stay on trend and fit in with her friends at school. She is a typical teenage girl who cares about her appearance and likes to do her hair and makeup. She helps take care of her little sister Kenzie who enjoys cooking and baking. Kenzie likes to play with her friends outside in her neighborhood and does well in school. Carissa wears a size medium teen clothing and size 8 in shoes. She would also enjoy fast food gift cards to enjoy lunch with her friends. Kenzie is a size 8-10 girls’ clothes and size 2 in shoes.  PENDING
  174. SIBLING GROUP OF THREE: Jason is 4 and loves dinosaurs. He is in a size 4T clothes and wears a size 8 shoe. Ross is 5 and is in size 5 clothes, 10 shoe and loves to play with cars. They have a little sister Roxy who is 2. She has the biggest brown eyes and her energy is contagious. She loves anything her brothers do and loves babies and barbies. She is in a size 2T and 9 shoe.   PENDING
  175. SIBLING GROUP OF THREE: Boyd, Alana, Chayne are a set of three siblings in regular foster care. Boyd is a 15-year-old boy who enjoys playing mine craft and Roblox on his computer and phone. He wears a size x-large shirt and medium pants. He really enjoys wearing size x-large hoodies. Alana is a 9-year-old girl and wears x-large in girls’ shirts and 10/12 pants. She enjoys art, coloring, and painting her nails. She likes to do her hair and enjoys pretty hair ties and head bands. Chayne is a 6-year-old girl who wears a size medium/large shirt and 6/7 pants. Chayne likes arts and crafts, stuffed animals, and baby dolls to play with. PENDING
  176. SIBLING GROUP OF 2, John and Jack. John is 3, wears 4T/5T clothes and loves dinosaurs and superheroes. Jack is 4, wears 5T and has a fascination with biology, most specifically finding and catching bugs. Both could use some nice cold weather gear, hats, coats and the like. PENDING 
  177. SIBLING GROUP OF 3, Melody, Aaron and David. Melody is 8 and is very much a girly girl. She likes doing her hair and dressing up. She would very much want a fun tea set that she can have tea parties with her friends. She is also very much into Barbies right now and loves to accessorize them. Aaron is 6 and is in love with all thing’s Spiderman. He is also into Pokémon and other similar collectable card games. He’s a bit big for his age and wears size 7 to 8. He could use some heavier/winter clothes, pants and sturdy winter boots. David turned 3 recently and is a size 4T/5T. He could really use some cold weather gear and boots as he’s grown out of last years. He loves dinosaurs, playing with cars or trucks, and all things Blippi.  PENDING 
  178. SIBLING GROUP OF 4: Catie, Sean, Jeremy, and James. Catie is 17 and needs items to furnish an apartment. She would also like some more higher end makeup, think Ulta or Sephora and not Walmart. She also loves all things bath and body works or any items that keep her home smelling great. Sean is 13 and loves all things, Anime. He is very much in an emo phase and loves oversized dark sweatshirts and pants. Jeremy is 12 and a great athlete. He would like athletic sweats and shirts, men’s size small that are Nike or Under Armor. He would also like a fishing pole and gear. James is 9 and really wants a small mp3 player to load his music onto and some headphones. He wears size 5 1/2/6 shoes, medium/large kid’s shirts, and size 12 pants. He lives a bit in the country and is kind of a cowboy these days so any clothes that aesthetic would be great. He could use heavy clothes for the harsh winter and some sturdy boots. He would also love a sled to have some fun after he’s done with his chores.  GIFTS FOR SEAN AND KATIE ARE PENDING 
  179. SIBLING GROUP OF 2, Elizabeth and Alena. Elizabeth is 16 going on 30. She would very much like a nice perfume to wear and some jewelry to accessorize with. She is a size 14 in pants, wears large shirts, and has a shoe size of 9. She loves baggie hoodies that have fun designs or cool characters on them. Alena is 5 and very much a girly girl. She wears size 7/8 and a shoe size 11. She loves my little pony, barbies and anything to do with princesses. She also would love a chair shaped like Sonic the Hedgehog. A special person helps this family a lot with transportation, and it would be great to get her a gift card to thank her for her contributions. Just Target or Walmart would be fine.  PENDING
  180. Eli is 2 and is always on the move. He loves playing with big trucks and is very much into Peppa Pig. He is a size 2T/3T and could always use some pjs and some fun shirts and pants and shoes that won’t mind getting dirty.  PENDING 
  181. SIBLING GROUP OF 2, Freddy and Elliot. Freddy is 6 and wears a size 6, maybe 7 if it runs small. He loves superheros, most specifically Spiderman. He would really like to string up lights in his room, hopefully ones that can change color. Any other items to jazz up his room would be great. Elliot is a still a baby but is starting to go through teething so anything chewable would be great. He wears 6 to 9 or 12 months as he is a bit of a chunky baby. He also could use some pjs and onesies that are easy to swap throughout the day.  PENDING 
  182. SIBLING GROUP OF 3, Nora, Robert and Joshua. Nora is 6 and wears a size 8 in clothes and 1 in shows. She loves anything purple, is totally into JoJo Siwa and loves hair accessories and jewelry. She also has a passion for crafting so any age-appropriate kits for crafting or making jewelry would be great! Robert is 5, wears clothes size 5 and shoes size 11. He is really into hot wheels and accessories to go with. He is into superheroes with none really being his favorite but fun posters or toys dealing with superheros would go over well. He also has a passion for crafts like his sister Nora. Joshua is just an infant and wears a size 6 to 9 months. He is starting to go through teething so anything munchable would be great.  PENDING 
  183. SIBLING GROUP OF 2: Tim and Travis. Tim is 6 and wears a size 7/8 and shoe size 13. He is really into Imaginex toys. Travis is 5 and wears a size 5/6 and shoe size 11. He would really like a remote-controlled car. They both could use some cold weather gear, coats, boots, hats etc. PENDING 
  184. SIBLING GROUP OF 2: Ian and Morgan are brothers placed in a regular foster home. Ian is 5 years old and wears size 5T clothes and size 11 shoes. He is obsessed with Paw Patrol and loves to play with all the characters. His little brother Morgan is 1 year old and wears 2T clothes and size 5 toddler shoes, he enjoys playing with his brother, blocks, and dinosaurs.  PENDING 
  185. FAMILY OF 11: A kinship family has a large family themselves. They have taken on 2 additional children. The parents are both working and the mom is working double shifts. They would appreciate gift cards to give the teens for lunches- City Brew, Starbuck's, McDonald's, Chic-Fil-A, etc. River(4) is a size 4T clothes and size 9Y shoe. He does need winter clothing. He likes Spiderman. Johnny-Leigh(4) is a size 5T clothes and size 11 shoes. She is in need of winter clothing. She likes Frozen and kid cartoons. Jonathan(5) is a size 10-12 clothes and size 1 shoes. He is in need of winter clothing. He likes Legos. Vylette (10) is a size extra small juniors ripped jeans and size small shirts. She likes Littles Pet Shops toys. Montana (12) size 12 jeans- she likes ripped jeans. Size large shirts, 36c bras, dark shade make up, and beads for bracelets. She is a size 9 shoe. Mary (13) is a size 1 jeans and extra small shirts. She is a medium dark in make up and size 7 shoes. Hazel(16) is a size 16 pants and size large shirts. She is a medium dark make up, size 7.5 shoe, 38c bar, and likes art supplies.  Lillian (14) is a size 7 jeans and large shirts. She is a light colored make up, size 9 shoe, 36B bras, and art supplies. Alex(16) is a size 34x34 jeans, xl sweats, and xl shirts. He is a size 15 shoes and likes basketball and Rubix cubes. John(dad) is in need of 12EE work boots, 36x34 jeans, XL shirts, 12 basketball shoes. Angie (mom) is a size 10 pants and large shirts. She could use gel pens and fuzzy blankets and socks.  PENDING
  186. SIBLING GROUP OF 2: Meggie and Milo are adorable siblings in the same placement in regular foster care. Meggie is a bubbly 2. She loves people and loves to give big hugs. She could use some shirts and pants size three. A new coat for winter size 3t and some winter boots size 7. She would love baby dolls, stuffed animals, puzzles and anything Minnie Mouse and books. Milo is a busy 15-month-old. He is always smiling and drooling now that teeth are coming in. He could use some shirts and pants size 24 months. He would love toy cars and trains and anything he can push around. He likes to clean. He would love toys to let him help around the house. PENDING  
  187. Bre is an adorable 12-month-old. She’s had a tough start, but she is a warrior. She is a super calm, cuddly baby. She could use some clothing size 12 months and a winter coat size 12 month. She loves music and learning; she would love toys that teach and make music FILLED
  188. Evan is a bouncy, energetic kid. He loves to chat and that smile with those dimples melts the heart. He is 5 just started kindergarten. He is involved in sports, gymnastics and loves spiderman. He could use some winter clothes size 7, a winter coat size 7. Anything sports, spiderman, transformers for toy selections is perfect.  FILLED
  189. SIBLING GROUP OF 2: James is an active teen. He can be very serious. He is very protective over his family. He is 13 and loves computers and tech. He would be thrilled with anything that flies, has remote controls are a telescope, a fishing pole James lives with grandma and finances are tight. He could use some clothing for winter size large, pant size 32/34. His shoes size is 12. He could use a new winter coat size XLG. Ryan is a bundle of energy that loves the outdoors. He is the little brother. He would like a bike, maybe a remote-controlled car. Anything for outdoors like a fishing pole. His clothing size is 8, same for pants and coat size 10. He wears a size 5 shoe. The family could use gift cards, for groceries, gas and supplies. They live a long way from services for the boys. PENDING
  190. Kelly is a very sociable happy kid, with a smile that lights up a room. She is 10 she lives with grandma. Finances are tight. She could use some winter clothes size 10-12, pants size 10-12. Her shoe size is 3. Kelly’s coat size is 10-12. Kelly loves unicorns, doing crafts and barbies. She does like dresses, and having her nails done.  FILLED  
  191. Cindy lives with grandma. She is a gregarious little girl; she is always happy and giggly. Cindy is 17 months. She is amid another growth spurt and grandma is struggling to keep up. She could use 5t-6t clothes, pants in 5t-6t, coat size the same. Shoe s size 6 in toddlers. She loves things she can stack, push or toys she can use in the bath. Grandma could use help with large size diapers for Cindy and some gift cards for food and gas would help.  FILLED 
  192. Gauge is 6. He loves to be social and is a huge fan of Halloween. Gauge lives with family. Gauge is 7 and just started Kindergarten. He could use some clothing size 7. His shoes size is 1. Gauge plays golf so anything related to that would be great. He loves Nightmare before Christmas, Legos and any superhero stuff.  PENDING 
  193. Matt is an 8-year-old who likes everyone he meets. He is a quiet, sweet kid. He is currently living out of his home in foster care. He could use some clothing large or husky sizes, pants husky size 12. He likes Batman, Minecraft, wrestling and his new love is Pokémon. FILLED  
  194. Sadie is a delightful 24-month-old. Sadie is living outside the home with a foster family. She could use some clothes size 24 months. Shoe size 4. She has struggled to catch up with her peers, but she is a trooper and doing so well. Toys for sensory and learning would help her. She loves things that make noises or that she can make something happen. PENDING  
  195. Sammy is a 2-year-old female. She is currently living outside the home with a foster family. She is very social and loves to play with others. She is adorable with her pig tails and that big smile. She could use clothes for winter. Shirt and pant sizes 2t-3t, shoe size 7 and coat size 3t. She loves Coco melon, dancing, singing.  PENDING
  196. SIBLING GROUP OF 2: Faith is a very smart, talented 10-year-old. She loves to learn, and she has recently taken an interest in fashion. She likes to try new things and let her personality shine. She could use some winter clothes size 14-16, pants the same and shoe size 6. She loves to draw, so art supplies, drawing pads etc. would be appreciated. She has recently taken up journaling, which she finds very helpful. Jimmy is a very active boy of 1. He is quite the talker and the charmer with curly hair and big dimples. He could use some clothing size 3-4t, pants size 3-4. Shoe size 7. He loves basketball or really any type of toys. The children live with grandma. They could use some gift cards for gas, groceries.   PENDING
  197. SIBLING GROUP OF 2: Jake is a quiet 8-year-old, but he will knock you over with his 1000 watt smile. He could use some clothes for winter size 8, pant size the same. His shoes size is 2 /1/2. He loves Spiderman and wrestling. Abby is a very loving 3-year-old. She is adorable with her smile, and she loves everyone. Abby could use some clothing 5t, pant size 5t. Her shoes size is 11. She loves playdoh and babies. Currently the siblings are living with an aunt. They could use some gas cards, grocery gift cards.  PENDING. 
  198. Mona is a shy, reserved girl. She will talk your ear off once you get to know her. She has a huge smile and big dimples. Mona is 9 she lives with her grandparents. She could use some winter clothing size 9, pant size 9 and some winter boots size 3 ½. Grandpa says Mona has been talking about dollhouses. She also loves cats.  FILLED
  199. SIBLING GROUP OF 2: Dirk is a very loveable 5-year-old. He loves everyone and never has a bad day. He is currently living out of his home in foster care. He could use some winter clothes size 6, pants size 6 slim. His shoes size is 13. His coat size is 6/7. He would like a bike with training wheels, wheel size 12, hot wheels and tracks.  Derrick is a smiley 3-year-old. He loves to play and talk with his workers. He could use some clothes size 3 pants and shirts. His shoe size is 10 and his coat size is 5. He would like a trike, hot wheels or trucks. The family would like some gas cards, grocery gift cards, maybe some passes to local places for a family night out like Get Air or Monkey Around.  PENDING
  200. Ace is a 2-year-old male. He is living with his aunt. He is a great, happy, social kid. Finances are tight with the family with multiple kids in the home. Ace could use some winter clothes is size 4t. He wears a kid’s size 9. His coat size is 5t. He would like a big truck or anything he could push around. The family would appreciate gift cards for gas, groceries, Target or some of the play places to take the kids to once in a while.  PENDING 
  201. Brandon is a 17-year-old. He is working hard to make it on his own. He wants to go back to school and make a great life for himself. He recently moved into his own place. He would really like some clothes. His shirt size is XL, jeans 38x34, joggers XL, shoes are size 13 and socks. He would like a blender. He would appreciate some giftcards to a grocery store.  PENDING 
  202. Reece is 2. He is an energetic boy that is always on the go. He has a huge heart and loves to spend time with his grandma. He is currently living with an aunt and grandma. He could use some things for winter size 4t for clothing and size 8 for boots. He likes any kind of ball. His aunts hours were recently cut and she is looking for another job to add bring in extra income. The family could use gift cards for gas and groceries.  PENDING
  203. Quinn loves, fuzzy, blankets, enjoys her bath time, so could use some age, appropriate bath toys, she is in a 24 months-2T clothing and lives her sleepers. Any age-appropriate motor skill toys.  PENDING
  204. Harper is a one-year-old little girl that loves barn animals. Barn animal’s blankets toys stuffed animals, clothing books little Harper just enjoys the barn animals she loves making the noises of all the animals in the barn and Squishmallows.  FILLED  
  205. Brandon is a five-year-old little boy. He loves playing with hot wheel cars, trains and Minecraft. Brandon is a size 8 in clothing and could use tops, bottoms and pajamas. Brandon is a size 13 in shoe and could use some winter gear.  FILLED 
  206. SIBLING GROUP OF 2: Summer is 9 years old and loves to dance. She loves the Clothing brand JUSTICE, because it is comfortable, and she can dance easily when wearing them. She is a size 10 in girls. She loves squishmellows, LOL Dolls and fun pens to drawl. Cayden is 7 years old and in a size 8 for his clothing. He loves Dinosaurs and Sharks. He would really love a drum set! PENDING 
  207. Little Kaylee is 1 years old and in an 18 – 24 months. She could use a winter coat, a fuzzy blanket and sleeper. Kaylee could use some development toys and loves when she is read too!  FILLED  
  208. Emma is a princess and loves everything princess! She wears a size 6 and her favorite color is pink with glitter. She loves Elsa and Anna from Frozen and loves story time. Emma loves to dress up so any princess attire to add to her collection she would be thankful for.  PENDING 
  209. Marcus is 5 years old and wears a size 6 in clothing and 11 in shoes. He could use some new shoes and snow boots along with any snow gear. He could also use tops and bottoms. Marcus loves to play with blocks, cars and is good at coloring. He loves to spend time in his room so any fun pillows and blanket would make little Marcus happy.  PENDING
  210. Luke is 5 years old and wears a size 8 in clothing and a size 12 shoe. He like Paw Patrol, Cars and Superheroes. Baby Lindon is 6 months old and is in a size 12 months. He could use a warm blanket, stocking hat and some sleepers. Any developmental toys, soft books and teething toys would be great for this little guy.  PENDING
  211. Mary is a 17-year-old girl that enjoys art, eyelashes, and shopping. She would really like some Nike long sock and a beige Hoodie. She any gifts cards to go shopping. Ricky is 16 and into Bikes he is always working on his bike and would really like a reliable Bike -- 4 wheel drive and a Target gift card.  PENDING 
  212. Macy is 17 years old and would like a XXL hoodie and gift cards to go shopping. Kelly is 6 year old girl that wears a size 10 tops and bottoms. She loves to misplace her socks so this is a must! She is would like a squishmellow and LOL dolls. Mikey is 6 months old and is need of 9 month clothing, Teething toys, and Developmental toys.  FILLED 
  213. SIBLING GROUP OF 2: Matt is 6 and wears a size 8 in clothing. He love Godzilla everything! Matt will need water proof gloves and outdoor wear for the winter. Andy just turned 1 years old loves anything motor skill related. He is in a size 18 months and could use sleepers and some winter outfits.  PENDING 
  214. Lila is 5 years old and loves the color pink. She is into Unicorns and rainbows. She is a size 8 in clothing. She would like a Squishmallow, LOL dolls and a unicorn.  FILLED 
  215. Joel is a 6 year old boy who lives with is aunt and uncle. He loves martial arts, Super Mario Bros. Legos, and remote control cars. He also likes to play basketball and soccer and could use new balls to play around the house. While aunt and uncle have all that they need, they could use a coffee gift card to help them keep up.  PENDING
  216. Edward is a 7 year old with special needs who loves cars! He would love Hot Wheels car case, Hot Wheels car track, and a remote control car/four wheeler. He would also like hard books and wooden puzzles. PENDING
  217. Ryan is an active 3 year old boy who loves cars and trucks and building things. He would like any kind of age appropriate building set (Duplo, Lincoln Logs, etc.) cars, trucks, books and letter or number puzzles.  PENDING 
  218. Claire (1) and Natalie (4 mos.) are sisters who love moving around, musical/learning toys, and being read to. They could use a play mat, interactive toys, and children’s books. Claire needs 2T winter clothes and Natalie needs winter clothes sized 6-9 months. Mom and Dad could both use a new hoodie sized XL and would really appreciate gift cards for gas, food, or groceries. PENDING 
  219. Nash is a 16 year old male who loves to work out, play basketball and football, and run track. He likes to listen to music and would love new headphones. He could also use a new pair of slides (size 12) , a fluffy hoodie or fleece solid color (size XL) and a compression long sleeve athletic workout shirt (XL). PENDING
  220. Mitchell is a 6 year old boy who lives with his grandma. He loves music, drawing, and being active. He would love a sketch pad and some drawing pencils, headphones, and a soccer ball. Mitchell could also use activity/learning books to help him work on his math skills. His favorite subject is science in school, and he would love anything science related. PENDING 
  221. Gwendolyn is a bubbly 9 year old girl who lives with her aunt. She loves horses and being active and all things purple, pink, and sparkles. She likes to write and draw and color. She loves soft and fluffy blankets, jewelry and hair accessories, and a journal with some colored pens. While her aunt doesn’t need anything specific, a gift card for a nice dinner would be a great way to give her an evening off. PENDING 
  222. Jasper (5) and Aydin (3) are brothers and absolutely inseparable who live with their great aunt. They love monster trucks and Nerf guns as well as books, age appropriate games, and learning toys. Both boys could use winter clothes 3T/4T for Aydin and 4T/5T for Jasper. Their aunt could use a coffee gift card to keep up with these two rambunctious boys! PENDING 
  223. Nolan (2) and Ethan (8 months) are a playful pair of brothers. Nolan loves cars and would love some new Hotweheels and a mat/rug with roads to drive them on. His mom would appreciate a case for him to keep them in. He could also use books and learning toys, like a Vtech. Ethan needs clothes (6-9 months), teethers, and a play/activity mat. PENDING 
  224.  Christina (15) & Candace (13) are siblings. Christina loves sticker books, and color by number activities. She could use T-shirts (2X) and really loves Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon. Candace would love a Fortnite gaming gift card and a new pair of Nike shoes (4 ½) for school. She also loves to be outside and could use new snow boots (size 4 ½ ) and snow pants (size 12 in girls). Her favorite colors are purple, pink, and blue. PENDING
  225. Jose is 6 months old placed with his older, adoring cousins. He loves to be read to and would love new children’s books so they can read to him more. He could use clothes (6-9 or 12 mos.), teethers, and age appropriate baby toys. His cousins don’t need anything, but a gift card for a local restaurant to give them a night off from cooking would be a nice treat. FILLED 
  226. Stephen is 5 months old, but bright eyed and curious about the world. He could use teethers, baby toys, and clothes sized 3-6 months, as he’s kindof small for his age. He loves toys that are musical. PENDING 
  227. Edward (3), Rebecca (2), and Sam (9 mos.) area a sibling group who recently moved to the area. They would all like age appropriate toys and books. Edward loves dinosaurs and Rebecca loves Disney princesses and Minnie Mouse. Sam likes interactive toys with lots of colors and sounds. All three children would love fuzzy blankets. PENDING
  228. Katie is a 6 year old girl in foster care who loves bubble bath, bath bombs and asked for lady bug decorations for her bedroom. She prefers realistic lady bugs over cartoon style decorations. She could also use size 6T pants/leggings, size 1 shoes. She loves to dress up for church, so she also asked for longer dresses, size 6T. PENDING 

return unwrapped gifts labeled with the stocking # to one of our drop off locations below by December 21st! 

Additional Needs 

Child and Family Services has several children from Montana placed in group homes outside of the state of Montana. Some of these children do not have family support and at times can feel very isolated and lonely. These children are most often teenagers and rarely ask for much. The girls love to have items such as hairbrushes, hair ties, scented soaps and lotions, body spray and any nail polishes or any makeup items. The boys like any shower gels and body sprays/colognes. These children would also be so grateful for any size gift card from a store where they can shop online. (Target, Wal Mart, Amazon) As teens, they become very excited when they are able to shop for themselves and pick out items that interest them. Candy/snacks/chips are also very appreciated at this age and tends to brighten their day.  

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