Empty Stockings 2021

A Benefit for the children in state care with the Child & Family Services

2525 Fourth Ave. North, Suite 309, Billings, MT 59101 406-657-3120

Right now in Yellowstone County, Child & Family services is caring for more than 700 children within the foster care system. These children are abandoned, dependent, neglected or abused. When children are placed in kinship foster care, the unexpected addition to a family can be expensive. We want to make sure these children, who oftentimes are removed from their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs have a Christmas.

Can you adopt one or more? 

To adopt, simply purchase the items in need and label the unwrapped gift with the child's name and stocking number. Feel free to drop off gifts to Child & Family Services at the address below or at these generous businesses who are helping provide additional places to drop off and donate gifts. 


Child & Family Services: 2525 Fourth Ave. North, Suite 309

Iris Salon: 1579 Mullowney Lane in Billings

Family Fun Scuba & Snorkel: 1841 Grand Avenue in Billings

The Boys & Girls Club: 505 Orchard Lane in Billings 

Century 21 Hometown Brokers: 1605 Shiloh Road in Billings 

Children you can sponsor this Holiday Season 

STOCKING 1: Please help this sibling group of two in foster care. There is Michel who is a 2-year-old little boy who needs new clothes, size 3T. Thomas is a 3-year-old little boy and is also in need of clothing. He wears a 4T. Both boys need bike helmets. They also really enjoy coloring, so some coloring books and crayons would be appreciated! 

STOCKING 2: Sarah and her sister, Ashley, need new socks and underwear size 4T and 5T. They also in need new shoes, child sizes 10 and 11. The girls love anything princess related.

STOCKING 3: Rose is a 10-month-old girl and needs size 9–12-month clothing. Rylie is a one-year-old girl and needs size 24-month clothing. Both girls really like toys that they can be hands on with so things like puzzles and shape sorters. They also really enjoy bath toys.

STOCKING 4: Heather is a one-year-old little girl who lives with her grandmother. She needs size 5 diapers and size 18-month clothes. Educational toys such as puzzles, and a shape sorter would be greatly appreciated. She also really enjoys dolls!

STOCKING 5: Sibling group of two who are placed with their aunt who is on a fixed income. Alexis is 3 and Mackenzie is 2. Both girls need some new clothing size 3T and 4T. They could also use new underwear, size 4T. Both girls enjoy anything related with princess or cats! 

STOCKING 6: Simon is an 11-year-old boy who is living in a group home. He is really into Pokémon and dragons. He would enjoy new socks and underwear, size medium. He also really enjoys playing board games with his friends in the group home. 

STOCKING 7: Sean is an 8-year-old boy and Kylee is a 6-year-old girl. Kylee is your typical 6-year-old and loves playing with babies and Barbie dolls. Her brother, Sean, loves anything to do with science. Both kids also enjoy playing board games together with their other foster siblings.

STOCKING 8: Taylor is a 2-year-old little boy who is in foster care. He needs some new clothing. He wears size 4T and size 6 shoes. He loves to build, so blocks or other building toys would be greatly appreciated!

STOCKING 9: Colby and his sister Chelsea are living with their grandma. Colby could use clothes in sizes 28/30 pants; Men’s medium t-shirts and pajama pants, a Griz Sweatshirt in Men’s M. Chelsea is really into makeup and would like a set of makeup brushes. She wears a size XL in t-shirts/sweatshirts and leggings. Grandma would love an air fryer to help with speedy dinners and some laundry baskets to help keep things organized for laundry. 

STOCKING 10: Randy is a young adult preparing to live on his own. He needs basics to help set up an apartment. Any kitchen supplies such as set of dishes, flatware, set of pots and pans, etc. would be appreciated. He wears a size large in sweats/pajama pants. Randy is also into martial arts and could use an athletic bag to carry his sparring gear. 

STOCKING 11: Cassie is a 1-year-old girl that could use nice pajamas for the winter months. She wears size 12-16 months clothes. She loves all types of toddler toys, especially toys that are pink.

STOCKING 12: Henry and Sam are a sibling group living with family. Henry is 4, almost 5, and wears size 5 in youth clothing. He loves dinosaurs and Legos. Sam is an 11-year-old boy that wears 10/12. He loves superheroes and trucks.

STOCKING 13: Mack is a 2-year-old boy that loves all sorts of toys. He wears 2T and 3T outfits. He could use pajamas for the winter months. He loves to play with dinosaurs and trucks. He loves to use his imagination and build with blocks. 

STOCKING 14: Allie is almost 3 she wears a 4T and shoe size 7. Allie needs waterproof mittens and a warm hat for playing outside. Allie loves Paw Patrol Books, Minnie, Mickey, school buses, fire trucks, Moana, bows for her hair, Spiderman, Peppa Pig. Oskar is 12 months old and wears 12 to 14 months tops and bottoms, and shoe size is 4. Oskar would need: Diapers size 4, socks, soft sole shoe/crib shoes. Ollie loves board books, books with sound, musical toys, and a push to stand walker.

STOCKING 15: Lia and Layla are two years old. They are placed with a maternal aunt. Both girls' sizes are 5T and an 8 shoe size. They would need socks, size 5 diapers, tennis shoes, and snow pants. The girls like to play with dolls and purses

STOCKING 16: 3-year-old Seth is with grandparents. Seth's sizes are 3T. Diapers are 4, and shoes are size 8. Seth needs clothing, socks, shoes, and diapers. Seth would like a little snow sled, construction trucks, dump trucks, and everything related to Mickey Mouse.

STOCKING 17: Katie is 8 months old and placed with a grandparent. Katie's sizes are 12-to-18-month clothing and diaper size 3. Katie would like everything that makes a sound, and she loves books. The kinship placement did not ask for anything, but they would benefit from a gift card. 

STOCKING 18: 15-year-old Alex is placed in foster care. Alex's sizes are an adult small and a size 9 shoe. Pants are 31" waist. Alex would need a winter coat, socks, underwear. Alex wants Air Jordan tennis shoes. 

STOCKING 19: Kailey and Rachael are 2-year-old twins. They love the movie Cars, Frozen (their favorite is Elsa) and Paw Patrol. They like dolls and Barbies. They wear a size 4/5 T clothing and 8/9 in shoes. 

STOCKING 20: Jack is 3 years old. He could use 3-4T clothing and a winter jacket. He likes dinosaurs and Mickey Mouse. He loves books, puzzles, and stackable toys.  

STOCKING 21: Piper is 10 months old. She is becoming more active and would like interactive toys to develop her motor skills. She is in need of 12–18-month clothing for the winter months. She needs size 5-6 diapers and wipes.  

STOCKING 22: TJ is 7 years old. He wears size 8/9 clothing. He wears a size 2 in shoes. He likes T-Rex and other dinosaurs. He likes to play outside. He likes to play with Play-doh and create arts and crafts. He likes Lego sets and “GraviTrax Kits”  

STOCKING 23: Tammy is 4 years old. She wears 4-5T, and could use winter clothing. She would like a play kitchen and accessories to go with it. 

STOCKING 24: EJ is 6 years old, loves the color blue. He wears a size 7-8, 1 for shoes. He could use new winter clothing. He likes tractors and Hot Wheels.

STOCKING 25: Sammy is 14 years old. She loves to read and loves to draw. She is creative and loves everything that has to do with art. She wears size women’s small-medium. She likes Converse shoes and wears a size 7-1/2 or 8. 

STOCKING 26: Dante is 16, he loves to listen to music and hangout with his friends. He likes Taco Bell and Target. He wears size L or XL in clothing. He doesn’t like jeans. He could use a winter coat and winter boots in a size 10. 

 STOCKING 27: Lilly is 9 years old. She wears size 10-12 for shirts and pants, she loves dresses. She is very girly and likes to do her hair. She likes to read and play with the “Hairdorables pets.”      

 STOCKING 28: Gia is 7 years old and wears a size 7-8 in clothing. She would love “Blume Dolls”, LOL Surprise toys, Candylocks Sweet Treat dolls and Shopkins. She likes watching movies and reading books. 

STOCKING 29: Sammie is 15 years old. She wears a women’s size small or medium and is a size 7 in shoes. She is very girly, she loves makeup and doing her hair. She would like a gift card to fast food restaurants or Target.

STOCKING 30: JJ is 10 months old. He is in 12–18-month clothing for the winter months. He would like interactive toys to help develop his motor skills.  

STOCKING 31: Cruz is 13 years old. He wears a size 16 in pants, large shirts and 8-1/2 to size 9 in shoes. He loves remote control cars and Star Wars Legos. Cruz lives with his parents. His mother is also in need and wears a size 10 pant, or a size large in shirts. His dad is a 32 x 32" pant and size large in shirts. His parents would like a gift card for a night out. His parents are big football fans and love the Patriots. 

STOCKING 32: Kade is 6 years old, he wears size 7/8 clothing. He could use education toys/items has he is behind on his development and speech. He is working on his reading and words. He could use a winter coat and snow boots. He likes Minecraft.

STOCKING 33: Tonya is a 14-year-old girl who loves crafts, painting her nails, and journaling with fun pens. She is asking for women’s size medium sweatpants and sweatshirts. She loves cozy socks and blankets as well. She likes sending mail to family so she would also love fun stationary.

STOCKING 34: Natalie is a 16-year-old girl who enjoys reading teen drama novels, journaling, makeup and nail polish. She likes shopping for her own clothes so she would love gifts cards to Old Navy or stores at Rimrock Mall. She likes giving to other people in her family so she would also love gift cards to shop for gifts for her family.

STOCKING 35: Toby is a 15-year-old boy in foster care. He likes shopping for his own clothes, so he is asking for gift cards this year. He also likes reading funny novels, loves a good joke book, and likes listening to music. His current placement has not asked for anything, but they would love being surprised with gift cards for a date night away from the house.  

STOCKING 36: Lisa, 11, and Rebecca,7, are sisters placed in foster care. They love art and craft supplies, fun notebooks for journaling and are asking for fun stationary so they can send cards to their family. They would love age-appropriate board games or activities they can do together with their foster siblings. Their foster mother is not asking for anything, but she would love to be surprised with gift cards for family activities such as the movie theatre or the trampoline park, Get Air.  

STOCKING 37: Trevor, 1, and Kate, 2, are siblings in a foster home in Billings. They both like age-appropriate learning toys, toddler puzzles and stuffed animals, specifically a llama for Kate.  They both wear 2T shirts, pants, and jackets.   

STOCKING 38: Kari is a 16-year-old female. She loves the color pink and blue. Wears a size small in women’s. She loves art, painting her nails, warm fuzzy blankets. She enjoys shopping at American Eagle and Ross. 

 STOCKING 39: Karli is a 12-year-old female. She loves the color turquoise. She wears a size 12/14 in girl’s clothes. She loves painting her nails, coloring, and watching movies. She enjoys shopping at Walmart and Target.

 STOCKING 40: Nick is a 13-year-old male. He wears a size 18 boys husky. He likes the color green. He loves playing video games, Minecraft, and coloring. He enjoys shopping at Walmart for video games.   

 STOCKING 41: Ricky is a 4-year-old boy. He wears a size 5T in boys. He loves cars/trucks, and Paw Patrol.

 STOCKING 42: Ashlyn is a 6-year-old girl. She wears a size 6 in girls. She loves LOL dolls and Little Pet Shop characters.  

 STOCKING 43: Tanner is a 11-year-old boy. He wears a size 10/12 in boys. He loves Star Wars, Baby Yoda as well as art supplies. 

 STOCKING 44: Tyson is an 8-year-old boy. He wears a size 8/10 boys. He loves Spiderman and Minecraft.  

 STOCKING 45: Ty is a 9- year-old boy. He wears a size 10 in boys. He loves soccer and Legos.

STOCKING 46: Mack is a 5-year-old girl. She wears a size 5T in girl’s clothing. She loves baby dolls, Barbies and learning her letters. 

 STOCKING 47: Kayla is a 14-year-old female. She wears a size medium in women’s clothing. She loves Twilight, ghost stories, art, shopping at Barnes and Nobles and Target.     

 STOCKING 48: Joshua is a 13-year-old boy. He wears size 32X32" in pants and large shirts in men’s sizing. He loves Nerf guns, anime, electronics, and shopping at Walmart for video games.  

 STOCKING 49: Nathan is a 5-year-old boy. He wears a 5T in clothes. He loves Harry Potter, Legos, and dinosaurs. 

 STOCKING 50: Kacie is a 16-year-old female. She wears a large in women’s sizing. She loves painting her nails, makeup, fuzzy blankets and slippers, shopping at American Eagle and Victoria’s Secret.

 STOCKING 51: John is a 6-year-old boy. He wears a size 7/8 in boys clothing. He loves Legos, cars, Sonic the Hedgehog, and sketch books.     

 STOCKING 52: Chris is an 11-year-old boy. He wears a boys XXL/husky. He would love a pair of warm fuzzy pajamas and wears a size 7 in shoes. He loves remote control drones and collects fishing poles and tackle boxes.

 STOCKING 53: Taylor is a 16-year-old female. She wears a size 6 in pants and small in women’s sizing. Her favorite color is pink, black, blue, and purple. She loves combat boots, squishmallows and makeup/nail polish. She loves shopping at Ulta and Target.   

 STOCKING 54: Rider is a 2-year-old boy. He wears a size 2T in boys. He loves cars, trucks, Paw Patrol characters and dinosaurs. 

 STOCKING 55: Jade is a 10-year-old female. She wears a size 12/14 in girls and size 4 in shoes. She loves art supplies, stuffed animals, the Trolls movie, and Legos.     

 STOCKING 56: Katie is a 13-year-old female. She wears a size 9 in women's pants and large in women’s shirts. She loves makeup, painting her nails, Billie Eilish, and Harry Potter. Her favorite color is teal, and she loves shopping at Ross and Hot Topic.    

STOCKING 57: Tyler is a 16-year-old male. He wears a size medium in men’s pants and large in men’s shirts. He enjoys skateboarding, scooters, earbuds, speaks and shopping at Zumiez.    

 STOCKING 58: Ethan is a 5-year-old boy. He wears a size 5 in boys and 9 in shoes. He loves cars, Mickey Mouse, and paw patrol

 STOCKING 59: Greg is a 10-year-old boy. He wears a size 12 in boys. He loves football, basketball, trucks, and a Nintendo Switch.       

 STOCKING 60: Jake is a 12-year-old boy. He wears a size 12 boys jeans and 12/14 shirts. He loves drones, Star Wars and avenger Legos, would love to have an alarm clock and a Nintendo Switch

 STOCKING 61: Hank is a 14-year-old boy. He wears a medium in men’s and 11 shoes. He loves basketball, magic sets, model cars/planes, hunting, paintball, shopping at Scheels and Cabela’s.       

STOCKING 62: Taylah is 3 and Tommie is 2. Taylah and Tommie have a cousin, Addie, living with them too! Addie is 2 and loves learning new words by reading every day. She is in 3T clothing. She loves unicorns, barbies, and art! Taylah is in clothing size 3T or 4T and loves pink, purple and unicorns. She loves to play dress up and likes stuffed animals. Tommie also likes stuffed animals, puppies. He likes anything that makes noise and is wearing size 2T. The foster parents love to play games with these two children and another few foster kids in the home, so age-appropriate games would be fun for the family! Foster family is not asking for anything, but they are outdoorsy and enjoy camping. They could use a night away to dinner as well.      

STOCKING 63: Sibling group of two living with their grandmother. Elijah is 6 and is ALL BOY. He loves video games, Minecraft, light up action figures and any toys that a boy would gravitate toward. He likes Star Wars, too! He would love to go to the trampoline park to jump for fun at times as he has lots of energy to work out! He wears size 10/12 clothing and size 13 or 1 shoes. Anna is still a baby and is 8 months old. She is growing fast and learning to enjoy lights, toys that make sounds and anything to encourage crawling! She is a big girl wearing size 12-18 month and size 3 shoe. Grandma is selfless and will not ask for anything, but she enjoys pedicures and self-care items. She would love a gift certificate to pamper herself whether that is getting her hair done or toes painted. She travels all around town for appointments, so gas would help them as well.   

STOCKING 64: Charlie is a 1-year-old (almost two) who is into everything! He loves building blocks, puzzles, and trucks. He likes basketball and soccer and anything that makes noise. He wears size 24mos or 2T and his shoes are a size 6. He is needing winter clothing and things to keep him busy while inside with grandma. Grandma is caring for Charlie full time and would love any self-care items. She often has back aches so would love a massage or heating pad. She is a Cowboys fan, too! Grandma has a special needs daughter in the home who loves to help with Charlie, and she loves slippers (size medium 6-8 women’s) and watching movies.      

STOCKING 65: Isla and Ina are sisters who are living with an aunt. Isla is 12 years old and is becoming a teen. She loves makeup, clothing (size M women’s, 7 pants, 8 1/2 shoes) and is starting to learn that she loves horses! Isla is selfless and loves helping others but needs to learn to be a kid! She is into art and loves to paint and draw. She is needing a hair straightener. Ina is 8 and loves to read (special needs – level: Kindergarten). She loves Barbies and loves taking care of babies as if they are her own. She would love building blocks and puzzles less than 100 pieces. She wears a size 10/12 but cannot wear jeans – she prefers leggings. Her shoe size is 3 and needs to be Velcro. She loves light up shoes! Aunt would love gift cards for food or gas as their schedule is very busy with Ina’s appointments. Aunt would also love self-care items, pedicure, manicure, etc.   

STOCKING 66: Chey is a 3-year-old boy who is very active. He is living in regular foster care and loves anything to do with being outside and reading. His favorite thing right now is Cars, the movie and he loves Lightning McQueen. He really loves cars, trucks, and Paw Patrol. He wears size 5T in clothing (very tall boy), size 10 shoes. Foster mother is very hard working and could use a break and a nice dinner. She is also very outdoorsy and would love anything related to traveling or camping. She is a MSU Bobcat fan.     

STOCKING 67: Sibling set of three living with their grandmother. Kade is 3, Jemma is 2 and Cash is 5. Kade loves dinosaurs, robots and action figures and will love anything that moves or makes noise. He is wearing size 4T. Shoes size 8. Cash also loves robots and dinosaurs and loves to read. He is into video games and movies as well. The boys love to play games together and like outside toys. Cash wears size 7/8 in boys and shoe size 13. Jemma is wearing size 3T clothing and loves Barbies and unicorns. She also likes Cocomelon toys. She is wearing shoes size 6. The children could all use new pillows and bedding. Grandma has not asked for anything but could utilize cooking utensils, household items and gas cards. 

STOCKING 68: Ashley and Faith are both 16-year-old girls living in a kinship foster placement. They wear women’s Large or XL clothing and love leggings and fuzzy socks. Both wear a size 9 shoe and a size large in sweatshirt/crewnecks. Ashley is a Seahawks fan and Faith loves the Buffalo Bills. They could each use self-care items such as bubble bath, bath salts, slippers, lotion, hair shampoo and conditioner, leave in conditioner, hair oil, straightener/curling iron and jewelry. The girls love to play board games and could use some fun ones. Foster parents are not asking for gifts but would love a date night away from home.

STOCKING 69: Ryan and Colbie are two siblings living in foster care with an adult sibling. Ryan is 1 and Colbie is 8. Ryan wears size 18-months and needs socks, shoes (size 5) and loves toys that make noise, balls, and bath toys. Colbie is wearing size 14/16 and needs winter hats, gloves and a sled for the winter. She loves art and animals. Foster mom is very selfless but could use gift cards for food or home goods.   

STOCKING 70: Jordan is a 1-1/2 year-old boy who is just starting to walk and get into things. He loves cars, bubbles, toys that make sound and fuzzy blankets. He is wearing size 2T and is needing shoes, size 6. Jordan is very active and loves to dance and paint. He loves animals and reading tactile books. Foster mom could use gas cards and t shirts and sweatpants, womens size LG or XL. She is also needing pullover sweatshirts or hoodies.    

STOCKING 71: Taya is a 5-month-old little girl who is just learning more about the world. She loves toys that make sound and loves to look at lights and touch new things. She is wearing clothing size 3-6 months but is growing fast and could use any size girl clothing. She looks cute in bows and pink! Foster mom and dad are newly married and could use a date night. They are Christian and love reserving their Sundays for time as a family and playing board games or going out for lunch with their other foster children. They could use gift cards for family outings or games (for children age 3 and under).     

STOCKING 72: Alec is a 15-year-old boy who is just starting to find his love for art and drama. He could use stationary to write and art supplies to draw and paint. He is needing sweatpants size M, t shirts size M or LG and high-top shoes size 10.5. He is really wanting a pair of VANS.     

STOCKING 73: Kate is one month old and is needing 0-3- or 3–6-month-old clothing for the winter, she would like teething toys and swaddle blankets.      

STOCKING 74: Joey is 5 years old and is needing size 6 pants and shirts-along with snow pants and coat. He likes to play with cars and board games.   

STOCKING 75: Joseph is a 17-year-old male. He wears size 33/36 (bootcut) in pants, size extra Large (long) in tops, size 13-14 in shoes/work boots (outdoor). He would like games for his Nintendo DS XL and a Visa Gift card. He likes to read about his Native culture and wants to learn auto mechanics.      

STOCKING 76: Noah is a 15-year-old male. He wears a size 11 shoe, XL in sweats or joggers, XL in shirts. He needs a towel, blanket, underwear and a jacket. He would love an X-Box, Naruto sweatshirt or pullover hoodie with a kangaroo pocket. He would also like the book, “Quarantine.”

STOCKING 77: John is a 15-year-old male who wears a size 20/22 in sweatpants or XL in men’s tops and a size 9-1/2 in men’s shoes. He would love Legos or a remote control car.              

STOCKING 78: Carl is a 17-year-old male that has recently moved into his own apartment. For his home, he could use a chair or love seat. He could use silverware, kitchen items or even a gift card to help purchase miscellaneous houseware items. He is starting from scratch, so anything would help.  

STOCKING 79: Earl is a 12-year-old male. He likes Legos, Hot Wheels, and basketball. He wears a large or XL in men’s for tops and sweats. He would like Nike socks. He wears a size 8 in men’s shoes. He asked for the Dog Man Series Books. He is in a group home, so a gift card is always good for Walmart or Target.

STOCKING 80: Sheila is a 17-year-old female. She is in need of clothing mainly. She is a small in junior’s clothing. She also is working and needs transportation help if she works late at night so an uber gift card could help as well.  

STOCKING 81: For a family living without their father. Ann is a 10-year-old girl who wears a size 11-13 in women/junior’s sizing. Dora is an eight-year-old girl who wears a size 10-12 in kids. Both girls could really use some jeans. Ann loves art. Dora is into squishmallows but anything to do with mermaids or unicorns is fantastic. The family enjoys watching movies together.

STOCKING 82: Two siblings have been placed with their grandmother who is retired and living on her social security income. Aaron is a 13-year-old boy. He wears size medium in men’s clothing. His favorite color is black and red. He loves earbuds, speakers and listening to music, or riding skateboards and scooters. He enjoys shopping at Zumiez. His little sister Piper is 5 years old. She wears a 5T and loves unicorns, along with the color pink and purple. She enjoys creating art and painting.     

STOCKING 83: a sibling group of five is currently living in different foster placements. James is 4 years old. He wears size 11 in children’s shoes, and size 5T for clothes. He likes action figures and cars. Vinny is 3 years old, he wears a size 4 and size 9 in children’s shoes. Vinny likes teddy bears, trucks and dinosaurs. Ida is 7 years old, she wears a size 7-8 and loves Tinkerbell, and LOL dolls. Alice is 2 years old and wears a size 3T, she loves the movie Frozen and anything to do with Disney princesses. Brian is 6 years old and loves trains. The foster family asked for a fuzzy blanket or a stuffed animal. Brian wears a size 1 for shoes, and 6 for clothes.     

STOCKING 84: Emma is 9-years-old. She loves any crafts and board games. She wears 8/10 clothes and is a size 4 in shoes.   

STOCKING 85: Lexi is 5 years old. She loves Frozen and Elsa, any crafts, and Barbies. She wears 5/6 clothes and a size 12 in children’s shoes.     

STOCKING 86: Brandy is 9 months old. She is learning to be more mobile and attempting to walk. She would like interactive toys and ones to help her learn to walk. She wears 12/18 month clothes.  

STOCKING 87: Chance is a 15-year-old male. He likes video games, basketball and football. He could use gift cards for lunches with friends. He wears adult medium tops and 32” pants.   

STOCKING 88: Matt is 11 years old. He enjoys video games —Minecraft, Fortnight, and Roblox. He wears 10/12 clothes and is a size 4 in shoes.   

STOCKING 89: Braden is 2 years old. He enjoys trucks, cars, and Paw Patrol. He also enjoys books. He wears a 3-4 T and a size 10 in children’s shoes.

STOCKING 90: Donovan is 15 years old. He enjoys basketball and the Denver Broncos. He needs shoes and wears a 12 in men’s sizing. He wears adult large in shirts.

STOCKING 91: Lacey is 5 years old. She enjoys My Little Pony and Barbies. She wears 5/6 in clothes and is a size 11 shoe in children’s sizing. 

STOCKING 92: Wes is 8 years old. He enjoys Minecraft, Fortnight, Roblox, Legos, and books from the Dog Man series. He wears a 10/12 in clothes and is a size 4 in shoes.     

STOCKING 93: A family of four is in need. The first child wears a size 24 months. He likes puppies, trucks and dinosaurs as well as toys that can help him learn. The second child wears 6–9-month clothing. She is an adorable baby girl and needs winter clothing or educational toys. The third child is a teenage girl who does well in school and likes to read the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. She enjoys doing her nails. She likes crafts, adult coloring books with places, cars or flowers. She is proud of her Mexican and Italian heritage. She wants a cross necklace She likes lowrider brand clothing too. She wears a women’s small in shirts and is a size 6-8 in junior’s. She wears a 6-1/2 in shoes. She likes Nike brand but would settle for something similar. The fourth child wears an XL in men’s clothing. He needs a winter coat. He is a Broncos football fan, he likes Nike brand or Champion hoodie sweatshirts. He wears jeans size 34 in Men’s, and likes ball caps too. He wears a size 10 men’s shoes. He likes Nike but could use a pair of decent winter boots too.    

STOCKING 94: 5-year-old Story and 9-year-old Blaine are siblings. Story wears a size 6 or 7 and a size 13 in children’s shoes. Blaine wears a size 7 or 8 and is a size 3 in shoes. They would need: socks, shoes, clothing. Story wants a nail polish set, earrings, and neckless. Blaine wants a real tea set, and any of Rebecca Elliott’s books.

STOCKING 95: Lexi is 16 years old. Lexi would like a new pair of jeans and yoga pants. She is a size 0 in jeans and a size small to extra small in yoga pants. Lexi is also requesting that she receive gift cards to help her with her needs.   

STOCKING 96: Alice is 6 years old. Alice really enjoys playing with Barbies and would like new Barbies and a new Barbie car. She is currently participating in gymnastics and does enjoy things having to do with gymnastics. Alice also really likes arts and crafts and would like art projects.  

STOCKING 97: Amy is 8 years old. She enjoys arts and crafts. She also loves taking pictures and creating photo albums. She would like the supplies to start some new albums. Amy also likes to wear pajamas a majority of the time and is about a size 8/10 in girls. Amy is also interested in LOL Dolls 

 STOCKING 98: Max is 4 years old. He would like to get a scooter this year for Christmas. He also likes sports and would like a new basketball and football. Max enjoys music and playing instruments. He also likes to play with anything that is electronic.    

STOCKING 99: Mark, 9, is living with his grandmother. He is a huge Michael Jordan fan. He loves to play baseball and basketball. He wears small men’s shirts, 12 long in pants and size 6 in shoes. He loves the color red, Goosebump and FGTeeV books. Grandma could use assistance with a grocery store gift card. Albertson’s is where they like to shop.   

STOCKING 100: A sibling group of 7 is living with grandfather and their birth mother. James, 14, loves the Broncos. He wears a small in men’s shirts, a 14/16 in pants and men’s 12 in shoes. He also loves to play basketball and would love art supplies.   Jason, 13 also loves the Broncos. He wears a size small in men’s shirts, 14/16 pants and men’s 11 ½ in shoes.  He loves football, board games and would love a remote-control race car. Johnathan, 8, wears youth medium shirts, size 8 pants and size 2 in shoes. He loves soccer, basketball, and art. He would like a remote-control race car. Marilyn, 8, wears size 7/8 in shirts, pants, and a size 1 in shoes. She is girly girl and loves anything glittery and pink. She also likes Barbies, My Life Dolls and pretend makeup. Hayden, 6, wears size 6/7 in shirts, pants, and size 13 in shoes. He loves the Power Rangers and Dinotrax. He would love a Golden Power Ranger. He is also into remote-control cars. Maddie, 6, wears a size 7/8 in shirts, 6 in pants and 13 in shoes. She also loves girly, glittery, and purple. She loves baby dolls, play cooking stuff and pretend makeup. Melody, 1, wears a size 12 months in clothes, size 5 in shoes and loves baby dolls, anything with bright lights. She also loves bath toys.  

STOCKING 101: Mary, 11, wears size 14/16 in shirts and pants and size 7 in women’s sizing for shoes. She is starting to experiment with make-up, loves to do art and would like a scooter.  

STOCKING 102: Miss Josie, age 2 is placed with her aunt and uncle. She wears a size 2T in shirts/pants and size 6 in shoes. She is size 5 for diapers.  She loves to play with cars. She also is a big animal lover and likes Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Peppa Pig.  

STOCKING 103: Payton, age 8, just moved to her tenth placement. She loves the colors pink and purple. She also loves unicorns. She wears sizes 7/8 in shirts and pants. She also is into LOL Dolls and Hatchimals. 

STOCKING 104: A grandmother is helping raise 4 children. Isaac, 17, Tom, 16, and Nick, 14, all wear size 33 x 34 in men’s pants and large to XL in shirts. They all love video games and basketball. Sam,4, wears a size 8 in shirts and a size 9/10 in pants. He loves Matchbox cars, racetracks, and Legos. Grandma could use assistance with grocery and gas cards. 

STOCKING 105: Diana, age 14 is your typical teen and loves being on her phone. She would love gift cards to the store Hot Topic or Spencer’s. She needs pants/jeans and wears a size 3 in junior sizes. She also could use hats and gloves.  

STOCKING 106: A grandmother is working hard to raise 3 of her grandchildren. Eddie, 9, wears a size 12 in shirts and pants (long) and is a size 4 in shoes. He likes to do art and crafts projects and loves to build things. He uses a lot of tape and construction paper. Peter, 8, wears a size 10 in shirt/pants and size 3 in shoes. He really needs a coat. He loves skateboarding and basketball as well as puzzles such as Rubik’s cubes. June, 5, wears a size 6 in shirt/pants and a size 11 in shoes. She loves to color and draw. She also loves stuffed animals. All of the kids could use hats and gloves. Grandma could use assistance with a grocery gift card.     

STOCKING 107: Elias is 1 and lives with his aunt and uncle and his 2 adopted siblings.  He wears size 18 months in clothes, a size 3 in shoes. The family could really use help with diapers. He wears a size three but because of an allergy, he can only wear the Up and Up brand that is sold at Target. Toys that can help him learn are always welcome.   

STOCKING 108: Ashley and Jasmine are both 4. Ashley wears a size 5 in shirts/pants and a size 8 in shoes. Jasmine wears a size 6 in shirts/pants and her shoe size is 9. They both love babies and Barbies.  

STOCKING 109: Brooke, 8 is a very giving child. Brooke loves to do crafts and loves to make things for other people. She wears a size 7 in shirts/pants and loves pink and purple.    

STOCKING 110: Lisa, 2, is placed with her paternal grandparents. She is in love with Cocomelon and the puzzles that have the shapes already built in. She wears a size 3T and is a size 6 in children’s shoes.   

STOCKING 111: Dylan is 3 and Waylon is 2 and are fun loving boys and love to play outdoors. Dylan is a size 4T in shirts/pants and 9 in shoes. Waylon is also a size 4T in shirt/pants and size 8 in shoes. They would love Play-doh and other age-appropriate art supplies., any outdoor toys. They also love books.  

STOCKING 112: Ron, 11, wears a size 14/16 in pants and shirts. He, like a whole lot of 11 year olds, loves Minecraft, but he also loves doing science projects. He loves all sorts of music.  

STOCKING 113: Craig, 9 months, is already wearing a size 18 months in clothes in shirts/pants. He wears a size 4 in diapers. He is little behind developmentally. He likes MAM pacifiers. He could use a stand still walker, light up toys, teething toys, or any soft tiny animal blankets or items that make the crinkly noises.    

STOCKING 114: Julian, 2 years old, wears a size 2T in shirts/pants and a size 6 in shoes. He is a size 5 in diapers.  He loves trucks and baby dolls. He is often seen holding a truck in one hand and a baby doll in another.  He also loves dinosaurs and stuffed dogs and cats.  

STOCKING 115: Kevin is 8 months old and is placed with his aunt. He is size 12-month in clothing and a size 4 in toddler shoes. He wears a size 4 in diapers.  He loves toys that spin and light up or any toys that help him learn. His aunt could use assistance with gas and grocery gift cards.     

STOCKING 116: Renee, age 17. is in desperate need of socks and wears shoe size 8. She loves blankets and loves the color light gray. She loves perfume and lotions. She also is about to age out of CFS care and would love any gift cards.   

STOCKING 117: Joe, age 2, and Jeff, age 1, are currently placed with their grandmother. Joe is a size 3T, size 5 in diapers. His shoe size is a toddler 9. He could really use snow boots. Jeff is a size 2T, size 5 diapers and his shoe size is a toddler size 7. They both love dinosaurs, baby sharks and coloring books. Grandma could use assistance with gas cards. 


Child and Family Services has several children from Montana placed in group homes outside of the state of Montana. Some of these children do not have family support and at times can feel very isolated and lonely. These children are most often teenagers and rarely ask for much. The girls love to have items such as hairbrushes, hair ties, scented soaps and lotions, body spray and any nail polishes or any makeup items. The boys like any shower gels and body sprays/colognes. These children would also be so grateful for any size gift card from a store where they can shop online. (Target, Wal Mart, Amazon) As teens, they become very excited when they are able to shop for themselves and pick out items that interest them. Candy/snacks/chips are also very appreciated at this age and tends to brighten their day.  

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