Vintage 'Canine Couch'

A comfy dog bed you can make this weekend

Vintage luggage is a decorating trend that’s all the rage. Stack a few cases as an end table, or use some of the age old luggage for storage under a coffee table. Or, as I am going to show you, as a little charming addition for your four-legged friends. Call it a fun and chic way to pamper the family pet. The first challenge is to find a piece of vintage luggage in your price range. While I was on the hunt, I discovered that these pieces can run from $15 on up. When choosing a piece, keep the size of your pet versus the size of the luggage in mind. Before you buy, look inside for dividers that are easy to remove.  I stayed away from metal dividers and found one with wooden dividers instead. They were easy to unscrew and discard. Once finished, your loveable pet will have a bed that’s not only one of a kind, but captures the look of one of the latest design trends.


A vintage suitcase, no metal dividers

Feet for your bed: $5 to $10 each plus hardware to attach

Safety hinge: $3

Foam: $10


Staple gun






Start by giving the case a good cleaning. I vacuumed the inside, wiped it down inside and out and then ran a stain pen over the areas of the suitcase that were scuffed. If you want to add feet to the bottom of your case, figure out where you’d like to attach them for the best look and stability. Mark where you plan to attach them, drill holes and using screws, tighten them down with nuts. Before you attach the feet, you may want to paint or stain them. Now it’s time to attach the safety latch. Simply follow the manufacturer’s directions. This is mandatory. We would hate for a sweet pet to get hurt or stuck inside. Next, measure the length and width of the case and subtract ½ inch from both measurements. You’ll use this measurement to create a plywood platform for your pet bed foam cushion. FYI: When you buy your plywood at the hardware store, they can usually cut it for you, so make sure you know your measurements when you head to the store. You’ll also use this measurement to buy enough fabric to cover your cushion. When choosing a fabric, think about durability and comfort. I ended up using a vintage throw rug. Place the material right side down. Stack the foam on top and then add the plywood base. Using a staple gun, staple it all in place. This step is exactly like reupholstering chair cushions. It’s easy to do and easy to change when you want a new look. Place this inside the suitcase and you are done!  Your pet is ready to kick back and enjoy.  


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